Dropbox now supports accessories including DocuSign and Adobe Sign more


With the passage of days becomes a cloud storage service Dorp Box “Dropbox” with the feasibility and quality of the larger, and want the company to be the heart of the experience in the field, which today announced the support accessories “Extensions” which allow to work with tools chosen by the user, where using this supplement or plugins, you can open your files stored on Dropbox by using different web apps like DocuSign and Adobe Sign and Pixlr without download or copy the fun in one place.

Currently the service supports many of the accessories, with more on the way, here is the current list of extensions Dropbox “Adobe Sign, airSlate and DocuSign, and HelloFax and HelloSign and Pixlr X and Smallpdf and Autodesk and Nitro and Vimeo”.

دروب بوكس يدعم الآن الملحقات بما في ذلك DocuSign و Adobe Sign وأكثر

In turn you will be able to access all these applications from the interface of Dropbox, either to take advantage of one of these accessories, simply click on the drop-down menu “open with”, how should this menu appears only next to the files that are compatible with accessories such as Word docs, video files and PDFs.

Finally contain many of these accessories on special offers to users of Dropbox, for example Adobe Sign and DocuSign sign unlimited documents, and add Audodesk contain view DWG free as well as the possibility of liberation, as we have previously reported that Dropbox is working on more plugins, which should be available “soon”.

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