Dropbox hotel free account to 3 devices only

If you use Dropbox on multiple devices that belong to you and to sync between them and you only have a free account, you have to know that Dropbox has canceled the availability of the property on an unlimited number of devices have become available only for three devices for free.

If you wish to use sync on more than three devices it you’ll get a paid subscription at a starting price of $ 8.25 per month.

Worth paying attention to, and that this tradition does not work retroactively, so if you’ve started to sync with more than three devices by March 2019 and it will continue to work for you naturally, while new users will not be able to sync only with three devices have their account free reality. Includes under the three organs of whatever kind of computer or phone or tablet.

If you want to sync with more than three devices without getting a paid membership, you have to remove one of the devices from the sync list to add a new device another instead of him.

It is worth mentioning that Dropbox has 500 million registered users, but only 2.5 million users have a paid membership, of course, such advantages will support the mission to share if he’s interested in getting his files from any device with instant.

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