Drop test Huawei P20 from the 21st floor !

You may think most of the people that it is impossible to drop any phone from the 21st floor and continues to work, even in the case of a campaign in Kafr strong and of high endurance, but Huawei P20 is another story.

Published one of the users of the web site of the Chinese for social interaction your story about sliding phone Huawei P20 from his hand until he was standing with a building floor 21.

Stop the owner of the phone it had crashed completely after this tumble terrible and immediately hit the ground, but it did not happen in fact, despite the impact of the shock force and all of the back and the glass to drink, only to P20 did not stop work and did not give up.

huawei P20

According to the owner, listened to a number of the characteristics the phone at work quite naturally, including fingerprint, face and fingers, in spite of the crush rear camera, but the user was still able to use the application WeChat with internet connection to receive and send calls without any problem.

Huawei P20

This has Huawei announced China’s intention to reform the P20 to the user after his story was on the internet there, although we expect that they provide a new phone just to record it, due to the extent of the deep damage done to it.

Huawei P20

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