Drones learn to Dodge planes

Unmanned aerial vehicles, which are in service with the RAF, will receive support from the system of evading the collision in the air. This will allow machines without any problems to fly civil flights in the same airspace. A contract on the outfitting of drones with this technology received the U.S. company General Atomics.

Modern drones are not yet permitted to fly in a single airspace with the aircraft, because the risk of a collision between two aircraft remains very high. With drones, the traffic density will be very high, which could become an obstacle for safe flights of cargo and passenger aircraft.

However, the development of industry created a new demand, so the first support of the system will be drones Protector RG Mk.1. It will help the objects to determine the spatial position of planes and other drones, to calculate a trajectory to avoid collisions and not only. Most likely, will be based on radar air situation.

At that time, as the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles is still possible to authorize, the main issue for aviation remain a “consumer” drones. Further all in this direction has moved the company DJI, said Hi-News.ru expert in the field of drones and professional racing party Mikhail Korolev.

System of avoidance of obstacles is now installed on all new drones from DJI. With its help drones fly around obstacles — helping them get the cameras and sensors on the perimeter. To establish such a self-made device is simply impossible.

All the professional systems like DJI and the like have built-in maps of the airports, so they cannot be raised in the air, being in the unsafe zone. Drones just does not fly in this area, and to crack such a system is very difficult, even impossible.

At the same time, even the drone from DJI can be run, for example, around the house to great heights (up to 2 500 metres), and there is already a collision with the plane looks more real.

Most importantly, according to the Queen, to protect the aircraft from small objects, and to prohibit flying drones.

Any self-made drone can fly anywhere. And to do something difficult, especially if it is just a camera that is remotely controlled by no one. Radar these little things just will not see. This is important to equip the planes themselves with a system of recognition of small objects.

In December 2018 Gatwick airport in the South of England did not work for 36 hours due to the suddenly appeared in the sky drones. Because of the danger of collision of a passenger aircraft with drones was cancelled about 1,000 flights, resulting in more than 140,000 people were forced tens of hours to wait for the resumption of work.

Drones near airports, really dangerous. Faced with a small drone aircraft can crash.

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