Drone worth 30 thousand dollars kept firefighters safe during a fire that outburst


I’ve always been using unmanned aircraft to assist in emergency situations and became one of the very useful during the fire that outburst in the state of Michigan of America. Flying a drone worth $ 30 thousand above the smoke and massive explosions cascading to transfer the video to the disaster for the firefighters on the ground.

The response team for hazardous material in the county of Wayne County to bring the drone model DJI Matrice 210 amounting to $ 30,000 to help the firefighters in the city of Pittsfield after it caught fire in that butane, propane, acetylene in the company of Ann Arbor Welding for welding in the last week. Not the drone is able to capture videos and photos with high accuracy, but it can also provide thermal imaging.

They were able to then ascertain based on the decisions of the temperature of the drone to a tank of gas hydrocarbon the weight of 2000 pounds needed for a period of 24 hours reached 600 degrees almost. The information was very useful because it enabled the firefighters of precautions. and to determine whether it is worthwhile to move people out of the area.

Demonstrated a drone they were very helpful in the fight against the fire, where it didn’t hurt any of the firefighters or the residents or staff were seriously injured as a result of this fire. The firefighters evacuated homes and businesses within a radius of one mile while the tank drains fuel and even become dry.

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