Drone flying was not only the beginning, the drone floating it makes filming underwater at your fingertips

الدرون الطائر لم يكن سوى البداية، الدرون العائم يجعل التصوير السينمائي تحت الماء في متناول يديك

No longer the acquisition of Derwent Bird is controlled automatically and remotely and use it in the filming videos, the quality of the movie something far-fetched, especially in light of the low cost of drone personal flying Knowledge Development and the availability of many versions of cheap, as well as easy to use at the same time.

Has appeared the results of the revolution of the drone personal clear during the past short period where he became a young movie producer, and also amateurs, are able to produce videos with professional quality film using the equipment was previously available only for film production major.

But it seems that the drone Bird is capable of filming high-quality video not only the beginning to the use of technologies in the filming of the video clips personal and professional both. Can a startup called iBubble to review a full line of drone floating designed for shooting video underwater through share leaders in the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 to be held in Las Vegas next month.

Although the price which will be put that drone in the markets is still very high relatively, it starts from US $ 4,000 and up to more than $ 6,000, but that the advantages to be provided by this drone floating will open the way for amateur filmmakers to budding to assess the work of cine probably comparable to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters similar previously.

Protects the company’s product line the Bubble, and will be available in three different packages, both of whom provide an integrated package suitable for use immediately in the filming of high quality movies under the depths of the sea. Each of the three versions by remote control, also can set up scenarios prior to moving the drone through its export of sections required without the need to have someone responsible for directing, featuring the drone sources one lighting, impressive strongly 1,000 for a couple of days, which is equipped with 7 fans enabling them to move at high speed under the water, in addition to the system for the intelligent AI capable of avoiding the obstacles surrounding it.

Can version least the price of diving to depths of up to 60 meters under water, the package top price ($6,700 USD) the cable can reach to a depth of 100 meters, in addition to the contained on the card two additional to increase the time duration related to diving, which amounts to one hour in the basic version.

A Bubble in the markets the beginning of next February, the company intends also to market it to the various dive centres around the world so that those centres provide services photography video photographer for diving and then sell them.

The next section was filmed using a drone Bubble:

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