Driver Uber self-driving was watching service Hulu before the accident


Like other companies that choose a car of its self-driving on public roads, I have a Uber also driver Safety a human behind the wheel at all times. One of the police cars self-driving in the state of Arizona was involved in a car accident in March which led to the death of a pedestrian. Now, released the report of the new about the company, mention that Rafaela Vasquez, the driver safety in the car, Uber self-driving that caused the accident was watching service Hulu on her phone before the accident.

Uber car self-driving hit Ms. Elaine Herzberg 49-year-old at a speed of 39 miles per hour while crossing the street. You can’t Uber car self-driving to avoid it, and because driver Safety human was distracted, they did not intervene to prevent the incident.

The report of the police department to account Rafaela Vasquez on the service Hulu was watching for 42 minutes before the accident. This suggests that Rafaela Vasquez began probably in watching the show shortly after the start of the driving tour. Adds police report that it was a ” can avoid the need to fully ” if the driver pay more attention to the road. Did not submit any charge until now, but there is the probability of being charged with manslaughter.

It was video of the incident that was released earlier shows Rafaela Vasquez curved head seconds before the accident. She had told the investigators initially that it ” monitors system interface self-driving ” that is displayed on your iPad is installed on the central control unit in the car, but it seems that it is not.


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