Drive and Park the best thing that ever happened in the history of mobile games

Scorcher while driving is forbidden. Sharp maneuvers creates a risk for other people and guarantee at least a couple of indecent words from the left behind drivers. In addition, you can get a fine, and there is already a serious risk to poverty. To realize the potential of the rider and throw all the energy under the force of Drive and Park. As the name suggests the obvious, the game focus on the journey, and then make every effort for the perfect Parking lot. To put the car on the Parking lot will be beautiful: with hand brakes and screeching tires.

Dive into the world of jewelry drive is instantaneous. Immediately after clicking on the icon we can see the road and moving towards her. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about: the race will begin only after clicking on the screen.

After the tap of the developers are familiar with the controls. In General, everything seems simple: to brake, push the screen and hold your finger. As soon as car gets into a decent position, no longer touching the display.

Sounds easy, but Parking definitely there will be problems. For mechanics you need to get used to. If you start braking too early, the car will break near the car. If it’s too late will damage the car in the distance. Besides, if you keep your finger on time, the vehicle will fly to the sidewalk.

For all violations, we have to pay a penalty in the form of arrest — it will hold the crew instantly approaching police cars. However, for the correct execution of tricks give money. To overcome each location must collect a certain amount. For example, in new York enough to 100 dollars, with the base car brings $ 20 for each normal Parking.

During the passage unlock new cars and improve skills. The game is addictive, so better not to go “five minutes” before performing some important task. The session will last much longer.

Application: Drive and Park
Developer: SayGames
Category: Simulators
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 157 people

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