Dreams Hodler: in 20 years Bitcoin will be worth 98 million dollars

With the emergence of Bitcoin there were good times and bad. Its the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to convert an existing financial system. However, the cryptocurrency has not yet turned the goal into reality. Every time Bitcoin the storm, has been criticized. Today, the market capitalization of the dominant cryptocurrency exceeds $ 90 billion, and the price fixed in the area of 5100 dollars. However, forecasts indicate that Bitcoin will take new highs.

At least the catalyst for the growth of cryptocurrencies can be a interest of traditional financial institutions. They have long been sitting on the fence and eyeing, is it worth to try. Twitter user Moon_Rekt decided to share the optimistic Outlook of Bitcoin prices. He believes that BTC in the next 20 years will reach the level of 98 million dollars.

As an avid Hodler believes that Bitcoin is the best form of money that until now humanity has seen. He obviously is in the lead compared to Fiat and gold. At least, in terms of separability, safety, limited supply and decentralization.

Over 10 years of existence, Bitcoin has seen its UPS and downs. The whole story of this asset is filled with cycles of hype and failure, but with every new cycle it is becoming stronger. And each time the price gets higher.

But back to the forecast at 98 million. As soon as Bitcoin will gain wider acceptance, it will flow more and more money from the existing 90 trillion of Fiat. And if we add gold, GDP, global debt, stock markets and real estate, the total value of the world economy will reach 294 trillion dollars.

A certain part of this pool will surely be denominated in Bitcoin. If the current value of Bitcoin and the capitalization of the stock market note that 84 percent of the 21 million BTC already generated, 294 trillion dollars can successfully flow in the remaining 3 million coins. When implementing such a scenario, rough estimates indicate that every BTC in 20 years can diginote in price to 98 million dollars.

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