Drawing the Tesla from Justin Sana Scam? The contest is over, the community is outraged

March 12, Creator of Tron Justin San announced a contest, the prizes of which were new Tesla and $ 20 million in tokens. Rules of the competition are simple: get rewarded could a random subscriber Sana, Litvinovsky message with the announcement. Since the beginning of the competition it participated in at least 54 of 877 people. In other words, the chances of winning Tesla was too low. Very much so.

Not the most fair lottery

Two weeks later, Justin posted a video with selection of a winner — allegedly for reasons of transparency. However, the video is now not available because of Twitter there are some problems with the file compression. And yet some subscribers Sana managed to preserve evidence.

CEO Tron explained that he would use opensource software TWrench for selecting a random winner. The process is simple: TWrench inserted the tweet from which to choose a random subscriber on two criteria. It’s subscribing and retweet.

Right before San passed the link on TWrench, in the video for a split second, flashed the profile of the winner. With the tweet was made 88 draws from the same IP-address — database TWrench open. Moreover, the selection was an interesting setting — the participants had at least time to tweet about trx from 28 June 2017. This is not exactly Justin mentioned before the contest.

In cryptocommunist reasonably began to emerge in the questions that CEO Tron chose not to answer. By the way, one of the subscribers found in the results TWrench another winner.

In the end, the winner was a user under the nickname @uzgaroth. The guy from Washington happy events, but also asked the reason for the removal of the tweet Justin San. A screenshot is attached.

So, remain open three questions. First, why do the lottery multiple times? Second, how to interpret an additional condition? Thirdly — why Justin San is still silent?

To clarify the situation can only official comment of the organizer. On it you will learn in our cryptodata.


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