Dragon Quest Walk returns worth $ 86 million in the first month on smart devices


The success of the sweeping achieved by the Pokemon GO aroused the desire to achieve the money of dozens if not hundreds of companies that have launched similar apps, one of which is square company in Japan with Dragon Quest Walk smart devices and turn on the augmented reality technology.

And based on the statistics agency of the Sensor Tower, it has the game has been downloaded more than 1.7 million times on my store, the App Store and Google Play, and this seems to be the audience that the campaign of the game and in the very, because he spent $ 86 million on the game in the first month, and is the number not so long ago about what made his Pokemon GO, and that brought in $ 118 million of revenue in the first month don’t.

And as is the case with Pokemon, this app hails from the Games series other super popular in Japan.

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