Dozens of apps in Google Play contain software advertising malicious

Found researchers Security on dozens of Android apps in the store Google Play that contain ads malicious know the victims under the scheme to reap money from them.

Found researchers the company (ESET) ESET about 42 application contains ads malicious, and they said: it’s down more than 8 million times since her debut in July 2018.

The researchers explained that these applications look normal, but behave in authoritarian ways. Once to prove the level of one of applications designed software ad malicious, the application will display full screen ads on the user’s device for the period of the semi-random. Often those apps to delete the icon of the test, making removed harder. And applications infected with malicious ads apps such as Facebook, Google for the avoidance of doubt, and he considered it a way to from the application of the ads to the actual, and keep the app on the device for as long as possible.

In the background, working on apps and also to send data on the user’s device – including whether specific applications are installed, if the device allows apps from sources other than the App Store – which can be used to install more malware on the device.

He said (Luke Stephanie calls) – one of the researchers in the field of the security companies (ESET): “the function of advertising programs the malware was the same in all the applications that we analysed”.

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The researchers also found that the apps may turn to see if the affected device is connected with Google’s servers in an attempt to prevent discovery. Although I think the applications they are subject to testing by the safety mechanisms in Google Play, which ostensibly are trying to the free App Store from malicious applications, you will to avoid detection.

The list of applications affected with malicious ads – according to company (ESET) – application Video Downloader Master, who downloaded more than 5 million times, apps: Ringtone Maker Pro, and SaveInsta, and Tank Classic that came down each of them about 500,000 times.

The researchers say: if a university student Vietnam may be behind a campaign of malicious ads. For its part, has removed all Google apps offense, but the researchers have warned that much of it is still available from a third party app store.

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