Downloading Skype to get more nurses from version built-in Windows 10


Start Microsoft completed the Skype Classic today, but still there are two versions of Skype. It also includes a Windows 10 version of the Application “Store App” of Skype, which contains less features of Skype for desktop, which is available for download from the Microsoft web site.

  • Types of apps Skype

  • There are two versions of Skype for Windows, namely:

  1. “Skype for Windows 10” which is included with Windows 10. It comes from the Windows Store. It is the application of the UWP, which means that no restrictions are different, unlike the desktop apps of old. This is called “applied Microsoft Trusted App” in the menu “Start“, contains the icon next to the Windows 10-style.
  2. “Skype for Windows” which is available for download from the Skype website Microsoft. If you have installed Skype Classic, it will automatically install this version of Skype on your system. It also contains additional features also, since it is not necessary to deal with the limitations Protection Fund UWP. This is called “application desktop Desktop App ” in the menu ” Start”, contains the code bubble Skype traditional.

The following is the cause of the imbalance between them:

Think of all of the apps Skype code Skype 8 new, which is very similar. But the downloadable version contains more features that you can install them on your system at the same time, and you can run them together at one time along.

  • How to download Skype from the website of Microsoft on the web

To find it, you’ll head to Web page Download Skype, where the option “Get Skype for Windows 10” regular download version Store Skype 8. To get the desktop version of Skype 8, and click the down arrow next to the Download button and select “Get Skype for Windows” down the different options to download Linux.

  • What is the difference between them?

At first glance, this looks like the apps are similar. Both depends on the Skype 8, so it is logical to feel that they are alike. But when you drill down into the depths a bit, you will notice differences.

For example, the desktop version of Skype more options. Under Settings then general, giving you the desktop version of Skype starting Skype automatically at startup and keep it running in the notification area notification area, also known as your system tray. And version Store Skype on these options.

It also offers a desktop version also features Cortana here. Where you can enable the responses of the proposed codes, and procedures in Skype. You can also choose whether you want to experience the personality of Cortana or not. And includes version Store Skype these options also for some reason.

If you are upgrading from Skype Classic, can for the desktop version of Skype 8 to import the record of your chat. There is also the option of “export record conversations from Skype 7.x” Export chat history from Skype 7.x under “Settings then “messages” so you can export chat log to Old this to a file on your computer if you want to keep. But this option exists only on Skype for desktop Skype for desktop””.

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Provide the Settings screen Settings then messaging Messaging is also an option that allows you to control the size of the text of the conversation, but that’s only on Skype for desktop Skype for desktop””.

Also supports the desktop version only Skype 8 input device, camera, DirectShow, needed for applications such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Xsplit.

While it does not support the version Store only the entries of the camera using the statute “Microsoft Media Foundation” later. So, if the version of the Store to find the input device of the camera you need, try to download the Skype app for desktop. (Supports the desktop version of the traditional all quality of inputs.)

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Supports Skype for Desktop also NDI, while it seems that Skype of Store has this option. This is the advantage of a professional can capture video from a camera connected to the network and use it as a video source in Skype, or even directing the video clip is already registered to a Skype call. This option is available in Settings then call then advanced in the Skype for desktop.

As you can tell the difference between the two from the Settings screen, then tap help and comments. Will be the application Store to include all of the version of the Skype app version. Will the desktop application to include the version number of Skype only.

When we wrote this, it was the version of Skype for desktop latest a little bit from the version of Skype available through the Store, so maybe Microsoft has also updated the desktop version better.

Updates are installed for the version Store automatically via the application Store for Windows 10, while updates are delivered to the desktop version in the traditional manner to the Windows desktop. You can reach the settings and help & feedback in the desktop version to see if there is new version available, will Skype automatically notify you and you install new versions when they are available.

Now Skype 8 ready almost everywhere, from Windows 7 to macOS to Linux. There is also a preview version of Skype for Web matches the design now. Ends Microsoft of another Skype users 7 and move everyone to the new version.

And that is why you must ask the following question:

Should you having to download the desktop version is?

Do I have to take care of so that the desktop version has more features? Well, maybe not. If you don’t use any of these features, it may be that the version of the application Store Skype’s convenient for you.

But, if you want more video sources supported, and export saved messages on your own, then the Skype icon for the notice of your run Skype at startup, the options for text size, you will need to also get Skype for desktop from the Microsoft web site.

We hope that Microsoft do a better job in clarifying the differences between the application of Skype. Where we haven’t found any official documents about this, so we had only to apply my Skype to discover the differences.

Downloading Skype to get more nurses from version built-in Windows 10

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