Downloadable pictures: how to easily earn with Lightning Network

Lightning Hosted is a new portal to publish the images. From other web hosts it features a new payment model for downloading files, because here users are rewarded with Satoshi via the Lightning Network. We will remind, earlier researchers BitMEX have seen, how much can you earn Lightning-node.

Lightning Hosted can be a great alternative to this way of earnings. By the way, your service is very easy — just upload the image, which in the future can get a lot of traffic and, consequently, advertising revenue.

How to make money

Among the most popular choices users of Lightning Hosted, you can find memes, images of funny posts from Facebook or Twitter, as well as photographs of the public domain.

There are some limitations: users cannot upload images, copyrighted, pornography, violence and the like. According to the Creator of the Lightning Hosted, all the rules are available.

The rule of thumb is that if something is illegal on the coast of California, so it is forbidden here.

Before you download image users are asked to pay a small fee via the Lightning Network. As soon as the download service provides a unique QR code where you can make a Deposit. After payment of the Lightning Hosted generates a URL link to the picture is. For clicks on advertising banners the user will earn Satoshi. Coins can be withdrawn at any time.

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Source: Bitcoinist

Note that the site is still in beta testing. It has bugs, therefore it is not advised to operate an impressive number of tools at work.

Lightning and Lightning Network Hosted are still in the early stage of its development. In service, mistakes can happen. Please withdraw your funds as often as possible and do not trust the platform more money than you can risk losing.

Share your experience of using the Lightning Hosted in our cryptodata. There also send pictures of their lamb.


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