Download the program to transfer photos from iPhone to computer software download fotoswipe for iPhone and

Explain the method of transmission of the content of the faith, lay your other fotoswipe ios 11

Transfer photos and video between the faith of the partition or transmission of the content of the faith for the computer you usually need for many procedures and also the process of transferring photos from an iPhone Android is difficult and not directly like to paint the picture for iPhone whether to reject the image on the programs, cloud storage, or request his email address or his number to send it via WhatsApp , but today in this topic we will provide you a simple way through the software download fotoswipe becomes you can move and drag the photo between the left partition and the transfer of the content of the faith for the computer easily .

About fotoswipe :

Transferring photos in our present age it is important to have a lot of people we find in the field of technical group of different systems and each system is characterized by something from the other, but when you share any photo you have with your friend may be facing problem because of your system, for example iOS iPhone and your friend uses a different system just like Android , as we mentioned that transport between the two systems has solutions as long as sending images via email or via WhatsApp or Twitter and other means of transport that take a long time .

Program fotoswipe is a free program that fully emerged with the idea of distinctive, simple, lets you transfer photos from Apple devices to Android devices and vice-versa with ease but you need to install the app in two devices and allow access to your location , and also enables you to transfer photos and videos from faith to your computer or Windows with ease and without any complicated procedures .

Allows you to apply iPhoto for from transfer all kinds of files and makes it easy dealing with others in Hussain owning the phone iPhone , the software lets you transfer images and video and files and updates the report on the phones the faith became supports the transfer of contacts Lai device you choose in any country , does not require the presence of the device in the same place and don’t buy his subscription to the same WiFi network , just by sending the code for the other side to be able to receipt .

FotoSwipe transfer photos and videos between faith and computer :

Among the advantages of the app that we offer you today the possibility to transfer files between your computer and your tablet or your phone, without the need for any cable or install any software on the computer .

The first step : you can use the official website of the service and log in directly without software download fotoSwipe for PC :
The third step : and then enter the special code you get from the application FotoSwipe installed on your phone or tablet .

نقل الصور من ايفون الى الكمبيوتر
Transfer photos from iPhone to computer

The second step : select the file from your computer and the website will automatically transfer and save them to your phone or tablet super fast .

When you’re with people who are strangers won’t need to give them your accounts on social networks and email and your number WhatsApp for pictures common, it is sufficient to use the application FotoSwipe .

And for people of faith for the computer follow the same steps but you have to start the steps from your phone not from the computer .

What comes first : download the app on the iPhone and open it and choose the photos or files you want to send them to the computer .

The second step : select the Send to computer

اختر ارسال اصور للكمبيوتر من الايفون
Choose to send picture to the computer of the faith.

Step two : once you choose the transfer to computer will show you your own code to complete the process of the transmitter between the two devices .

كود الارسال و الاستلام في برنامج fotoswipe
Code transmitter and the receiving program fotoswipe

The fourth step : enter the google chrome browser in your PC and open the website link :

Step five : enter the code that appeared on the phone in the designated place in the computer and click on the receipt and transmitted the file to the computer with ease .

Way to transfer photos and videos between devices, Android and iPhone :

The first step : download the application FotoSwipe for iPhone and Android in all the devices of the download links on the bottom of this topic and that transfer all kinds of files .

The third step : and then open it and log in on the photo and select entire albums to be moved and then press Send

The second step : after selecting the photos and videos you want to transfer it to the phone the other peaks by clicking on choose a new device

Step four : you will be shown the code you need to enter it in the device you want to send her pictures via the iPhoto program sauipe

Fifth step : press the second device on receipt and then enter the code that appeared in the faith, and then click OK and wait for the expiration of the transmitter and the images are saved in the studio directly .

Use the application iPhoto for FotoSwipe when you transfer photos and video from the faith for another is not required the devices connect to the same WiFi network

How to increase the speed of transmission of the content of faith in the program Fotoswip it?

Therefore many things depend on the speed of data transfer and the content of faith for Android or from the faith of the computer or of the faith, lay your other is Internet Speed related to the phone , but I can overcome this, it is very simple and is the compression data or files through the following steps :

The first step : open the application iPhoto sauipe which you have downloaded on iPhone and enter the settings of the app

Step two : you’ll find a range of options click on option one which lets you send compressed audio and increases the speed of photo transfer, but maybe less quality in a simple .

Features of the application FotoSwip to transfer the content of the faith.

  • You can download a program to house any kind of operating systems and on any device and is completely free.
  • Arabic language support (if your device language Arabic)
  • Support transfer of multiple files: photo, video, docs, audio files and contacts .
  • Photos and videos will quickly and directly without waiting for and lets you transport files and the audio compressed and is smaller to increase the speed of transport .
  • You can transfer files between multiple devices.
  • The possibility to transfer multiple images in unlimited, too. you can select entire albums .
  • The possibility of transferring the images small or high as well as the video.
  • Receive and send images faster and five times that of other methods.
  • You won’t need to reveal your identity as well as numbers and WhatsApp to strangers.

Link to download the program Fototswip to transfer files and the content of the faith quickly

Download link for iPhone

Download link for Android



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