Download the program Telegram X consumption less battery Telegram X

Download the program Telegram x alternative Telegram original

Telegram x is an alternative to the development of Their which owns a huge number of followers and is one of the best applications of social media areconversation and chat free 2018 , but the application of Telegram X offers you the additional features and updates to increase security and privacy on the application of the term original , you know in this topic on the most important of these features and you will be able to download telegram X 2018 term x New available for iPhone and iPad on the father’s store and you can download Direct Link Android .

About the program There 2018

تحميل تطبيق تليجرام x
Download app Telegram x

Telegram or Telegram (in English: Telegram) : an application for instant messaging, free and free, open-source and partially multi-platforms and focuses on security. Users can team exchange of messages with high availability including photos, videos and documents (all file formats supported), program term in the evolution of the level where you can carry it on your mobile phone vary according to his system of how to download the program there on your mobile phone you can download it now and easily through the link here, and also tablet devices as well as personal computers, laptops and through the link directly here .

Is the shopping in there via the phone number like WhatsApp you can also group conversations to the extent of 200 people and offers a are service messages fast and 100% free , so the programme of a telegram is not a commercial application and shows and displays ads and does not take fees .

Has appeared property of the channel within the term , and made the feature channels of the telegraphic revolution and a shift in the deployment of social and and on people through the information and the content value provided by many of these channels are free, although the appearance of this property did not exceed several months from now, but today we see the abundance in the Arab channels inside after we see the diversity of their content and, there’s lots and lots of channels, but some of these channels is actually worth pursuing and serving content useful, helpful and unique

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Team x is an alternative to Telegram with improved performance and increased speed

Team X is an alternative application for the Telegram and submitted by a group of developers to improve the use of their and increase the number of users by adding more nurses and think some of the things that users encounter and the first difference is the programming language used in application development, Swift programming language which has the advantage of the system ios most important it requires symbols or codes to be less, compared with c it is much faster .

تنزيل تطبيق telegram x
Download app telegram x

And through the use of this language in programming enabled developers app Telegram X to improve his performance and add to the significant increase in the loading speed of the app and its content.

Also the differences that make you prefer to download the application of the term x instead of applying the term normal is added on it works faster than a normal application also does not consume the efficiency of the battery is only 1% and is a light program size of up to 116 MB and it can be used on phones, the faith of the ios 8.0 and one of that .

مميزات برنامج تليجرام x بديل التطبيق العادي
A team x an alternative to normal application

Also this new app allows you to listen to music without buffering and data consumption, choose a font size and choose a background characteristic to investigate and shape the dark to investigate Kiev does not affect the eye, where this application is characterized by the visual developer, and the night mode and the interface attractive M to provide certain improvements in the colors and steak remember the animated slicker animations and themes . While the application Telegram telegram regular consumed from the battery of approximately 14 % and compares to quickly apply the term x .

Choose themes and wallpapers special Telegram x

As we mentioned lets telelgram x in this version change the backgrounds and themes attractive for the investigation and I have added 4 options of themes Day Classic, day, night, and night Blue. The first of two different colors to highlight messages. And day version of the iMessage .

And Theo the night and night Blue is not different messages, but all the interface in general. Become a messenger of the first black and white, leaving only the image colored.

تليجرام اكس telegram x
Telegram X telegram x

It is worth mentioning that the telegram app x is not new in the store son of the storm it exists since 3 years, but has been updated recently and additional new features improve performance and new animations and make it an alternative to distinctive and attractive to develop Telegram the coast and we find a similar form of chat and some gizmos and the labels within the APP programme iMessage for iPhone and iPad .

And still the app offers updates that make it has the application Telegram is the original and becomes the face first and main users of the chat and conversation board .

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