Download the program Azar azar video calls for free on iPhone and Android

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Program wrapper for video calls Free, you can download it on your mobile phone easily for video calls can with family and friends from any place of the world without the imposition of any fee, In this section of the site How does the technique know the most important characteristics of the application wrapper for video calls and the approximation of distances and shorten the time, and why you have to download the software wrapper without from other programs and social networking applications, the competition doesn’t , go read the thread to learn how to use the program calls azare and steps to make the call and also to find a link to download Azar Azar for Android and iPhone .

Chat apps that offer video chats work the same how it is not the same principle, so a lot of options available for smart phones and Computers working to the principle one, which searches for the friends who know them and them and start a chat or get a private number you share on the social network used by friends in the app to contact you.

Program Azar azar video calls is different from what you already know, allows you to meet new friends and people from different countries of the world are random, not of your choice this is possible.

The app focuses on video calls even though it offers at the same time the advantage of text chat which is the most common time course the favorite of the majority of users apps and software chat.

The app has been downloaded 80 million times at least is available in the Arab States and 130 countries, and the surprise that it works in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, where they were blocking services, voice and video chat in apps chat, for the fact that it is not very common in the region, and interest also on the non-proliferation that will enable you to meet new people from foreign cultures including European, African and also American and Asian.

Program Azar azar for video calls is the most prevalent in Taiwan and also Vietnam, it supports many languages including Arabic which is excellent!

The program is available for smartphones, in particular iPhones and also Android phones, which is free and permanently on new updates.

For iPhone is compatible with iOS 8.0 and latest in is also compatible with the latest systems Android currently available in smart phones.

Video chat capabilities, strong and fun

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تحميل تطبيق ازار
Download application azare

The program provides Azar azar video calls high quality video chat which is a good thing for users, and it already requires you to have a good internet connection, which provides the user interface does not differ much from the rest of the chat apps, but it featured in many of the good things that it offers at the level of the video chats.

Of the good advantages it provides you with a number of effects that you can add to chat conversations in general, and use it as it is in snapchat this feature is exactly obtained also a number of chat apps that offer video calls.

Through the Discover feature you’ll find a lot of callers this time, and you can talk to them and calling them, and passing the screen from right to left you can move to chat to someone else after the chat the first person and so non-stop all the time available you can spend in the chat and conversation with people.

You can select the state that you want to communicate with people as you can to determine the sex and many of the standards that will give you good suggestions.

The app offers text conversations to the side of the video with a simultaneous translation of the talks is what helps you understand what the other party wants to say it, and you can add new friends to friends list when you like your first conversation with the other party that you.

You can share videos, images and texts in the program Azar azar video calls as in chat applications usually, as that you can receive likes.

Within the conversation interface of the video appears on the right in the top button Extra the other party to the friends urges him directly there button and up the same we find a microcosm of the states in which the other party and the number of likes received by you can of the same fact muted, the extra effects you show a thumbnail alive for you as they appear to the other party now, besides the buttons including the effects of text messaging and in and out of the conversation.

Link to download the program Azar azar video call free

مميزات تطبيق ازار
Features the application of azare

Company Hyperconnect inc, which is behind the app says that the program is securely coded and is working on the maintenance of its servers and increase the more layers of protection to service it to prevent the operations of the hack .

And for the record the app as much as lets you meet new people you should avoid to use it in harming others and this is important as it is expected out of the children and adolescents.

Download app Azar Azar video call free

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