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Website read me the largest Arabic content allowed on the internet

Per day we spend a lot of time that we do some things that do not require mental exertion through this topic we will give you great idea and to exploit these hours, by showing us one of Android apps possible. We can use this time for the Poison to books and search for audio books and books audible mp3 site Read Me the largest Arabic content is allowed or the sound of my voice online , you can easily use it for listening to books, free and full know on the most important features provided by the application Read to me or the location of Read Me free for users and that make it easy to hear audio books without any problems , and there is a lot of capacity daily our are without any little benefit , Some of these watches go in the means of transportation, others are often wasted during the wait, waiting for a friend, a doctor, or even a meal , of through download the application Read to me will be able to hear audio books and books audible free instead of sitting in boring and providing the copy of the voice of famous books, articles, and news via mobile , know through this article about the most important features and services offered by the program Read Me and website read to me free to users on Android phone read to me apk , You will find the download link at the bottom of this subject from the position of how technology .

About the site Read Me :

Through the open site are in this link :

You will find many classifications of books, audio and content bass my Arab who is looking for millions of Internet users such as the classification of new books and and more books to listen also explains to the user sections of books that you can listen to them in mp3 format such as religious books and political and historical and novels and the development of self and human and many things within the classification performance and all kinds of different books , and enable you to hear easily download the application Read to me to help you exploit the hours lost out of your day to good use by listening to the recordings useful.

تحميل تطبيق اقرألي
Download application are

Site Read Me dot com or see iqraaly is a innovative idea and implement easy to Extended and develop the level of creative and the spirit of youth and the pure became In time an integral part of routine lives of many and specifically those who abide by the rules of driving times miss the times sitting with their families and loved ones and perhaps this was the main idea behind the app e (Read Me dot com) as I heard from the founder friendship won’t mention his name I thought he was indifferent to it; its network all worked as a team don’t care about his companions something only succeed together.

Download the application Read to me iqraaly direct link Android

The application of the Read Me application is very important to download it being available on websites in addition to application on Android phones life, which helps to “increase the number of listeners and achieve the greatest amount of listening to audio books” also refers to Ahmed al-Maliki the technical supervisor on the project .

And needs site application Read Me contains half a million books in various fields like testing of the political and are and renewed through the download application Read to me on your mobile phone and listen to books in every place you go and visit the culture and time use with this app to educate yourself more, before sleep or on your way to work .Will not feel bored, the quality of the pictures and they better hold on to love listening for more books and further the world of science, culture and administration .

سماع الكتب من الجوال mp3
Listen to books, from mobile mp3

The application Read to me exposes you to a range of books, articles, papers, lectures, audio in different folders, the recordings are very clear and women.

Adds owners to The “Huffington Post cart” to “product has achieved to-day 4 million minutes listening per month, for the registration of 10 teachers, the goal is to get to 15 or 20 to achieve the desired consistency and increase the number of readable content”.

Maliki developer of this app is good to see that the project was a good experience and satisfying the reason, as explains that “listening to books is not limited in transportation times of congestion, but also during work and at home”.

He also noted that blind them to their share of this service, where the “modified smartphone app for them, which is a welcome step, great.”

For The Huffington Post cart that there do not have the time to read, and prefer listening to reading, and from there likes to listen to novels or articles or books to the performance of the sound of my sound effects.

She noted they learn to assess people and women through two ways, “first, the number of meetings achieved by the article, during the first hours of its deployment, and second, to communicate with their listeners through Facebook”.

The application Read to me is available to all age groups can use it to listen to for the kids that the children also listen to books,” explains riham, one writer followed up saying, “We made sure through the selection of books to choose books especially for children, so we created our versatile, all age groups listen to us”.

The application of the “Read Me” offers ektab for Arab children, it was a programming book for children so that they hear the story and enjoy pictures, words, colored inside the book, which is a precedent in the world of e-books and exclusive in the position of ektab

The application Read to me – books and news are allowed one Arabic apps useful for Android devices

تطبيق الكتب المسموعة mp3
Application books Audio mp3

The application Read to me – books, news heard of the mighty works that he created by a group of young Arab ambition to increase the awareness of the Arab street through facilitating the access to the most important books, novels and essays whether these are related to the heritage of ancient Arab or to talk and listen to it through your Android device noises are allowed and it becomes possible to listen to it while driving a car for example, or while working on some works on Jaisalmer and other times when you can’t focus on the words.

Works application Read to me – books and news are allowed to offer addresses important news concerning Affairs of the Arab and global in all areas of political, sporting, social, morning and evening. Be asked to apply the read me when you start using it to identify areas of scientific and cultural that you want to listen to her to submit the app automatically displays the latest books that have been newly added to the app library and propose it to listen to it periodically, and the most prominent of these books provided by team Read Me: wrote Ibrahim Al-feki, Mustafa, Mahmoud and many others of the prosecution, famous writers.

The most important characteristic of etc Read Me for free

تحميل تطبيق اقرألي
Download application are

The highlights of the Special Features the application Read to me – books, news allowed:

  • Is a totally free application lets you run all of the blocks without any outside interference
  • The library of audible is great in various fields of religious, political, historical, cultural and other.
  • The app contains audio stories useful for children.
  • Featuring the app in its library of nearly 15,000 pieces of audio.
  • The app offers books for famous writers, the Arabs in history, ancient and modern.
  • It lets you specify some books and save them in a special section to listen to it at a later time.
  • The app displays the books and articles of the most famous in the interface of the app to allow you access.
  • The app contains a box great find lets you search for any book you want quickly.
  • Helps you app to save the books on your Android device after it is downloaded automatically and.
  • Got the idea that the application Read to me – books and news are allowed to impress a lot of Arab intellectuals and peoples of the Arab
  • The reading to increase his knowledge and culture, and you can now download the app directly from the website down the store so that you can then install it on your Android device and enjoy the content everyone, don’t waste the opportunity.
  • The application supports Arabic language .
  • Is staring at the app constantly


Link to download the app read to me free book and files audio read to me apk

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