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Read books and for pdf and downloaded take a photo of them is supported I have a lot of users interested in reading and research, and most of all, continue to users is the slowness observed in the opened pdf files, and stopping in sometimes for display on the screen of the phone besides the problems related to the process of zoom in and zoom out of a particular element in the file.

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One of these problems experienced by some users if not all of them, it was necessary to rely on the application of the highest efficiency and accelerates the process of browsing PDF files, and your phone memory so that the process becomes zoom in and zoom out the page or part of it is easy so that ensures this app non-stop files and as suddenly as it is general or the occurrence of slow in general in the file when you browse it.

The solution of this problem depends on the use of the application foxit mobile pdf famous mobile, work just read on to master about this app and the benefits it provides with direct download link.

Foxit MobilePDF

About the application Foxit MobilePDF

One of the important applications that run on Browse and open pdf files easily without having to wait long, the user can pass and be a certain element in the page under liquidation, as the app Foxit MobilePDF doesn’t need the user any skill, it is designed and developed in a way that suits all the users especially the beginners of them, the search feature in the available files supported by the app, unlike some of the other applications.


The application foxit mobile pdf size 60 MB provides an important set of tools that are indispensable to deal with the content of all Pdf files .

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Features of the application foxit mobile pdf free version

  • Free application does not need to pay any costs loaded on the phone.
  • Quick and to need apps help no.
  • The possibility of zoom in and zoom out certain elements in the pdf with ease and his.
  • Lets the search feature within the file.
  • Supports different styles of pages to choose from.
  • Can arrange files by the last date to modify the file or by name, or even size.
  • Lets work folders, copy, move and even delete any file the user wants to get rid of them.
  • The possibility of his feelings pdf files through Bluetooth or via email or through Wi-Fi.
  • The application supports several languages, including English and German.

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Features application Foxit MobilePDF paid version

  • The difference between the free version and the paid version is that the second allows to protect all files with a password.
  • In addition to the break the file protection also in case the user wanted it.
  • Through the paid version the user can store files in addition to browse .
  • Share folders on the cloud service known as Google drive, Dropbox and other cloud services known.


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