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Download animated wallpapers Android wallpapers alive the company by 2018

There are a lot of applications that provide a wide variety of backgrounds live and animated and the options that you can switch between them, it is understood that the backgrounds of nurses is important for users of phones Android and are constantly searching for apps wallpapers living and wallpapers animated 3D is free , but the application of Skyline Live Wallpaper provides a service different from that provided by the apps back traditional techniques, as it provides the background of a map to your geographical location, high quality animated wallpapers wallpapers 3D alive for it, a Live map and interactive talk , The app provides this service different is available for Android devices, not to mention that of the paid apps but you can download it from this section of the site we how technology .

  • General information on the application of the Skyline Live Wallpaper

The application supports Skyline – Live Wallpaper With the Global 3D Terrain which software Justin Fincher.

Got app 10000 downloads from Google Play, although it is available for $ 2, works on Android 4.4 devices and later.

Been promoting this app through the following video which explains his idea.

The following let’s learn more on the advantages of this development and its possibilities in general.


  • Advantages of the application of Skyline Live Wallpaper

تحميل Skyline Live Wallpaper
Download Skyline Live Wallpaper

The application works on converting your current site to the Live map and display it in the background of your Android phone, this both on the lock screen or the main screen or even in the different screens on the system, including the apps screen.

The application relies on your geographical location it is one of the powers which are asked from you to get them to work efficiently.

Based on the three-dimensional terrain data serves to show your current location, as it works using the coordinates specific to create wallpapers for your phone which is running Android full details.

You can enter the name of the website of your dreams, or to format and set it as this in order to show a Live Wallpaper based on the geographical location that you have selected.

Work background live directly after the cancellation of lock on your device, and to the Chairperson or to move to other places on your computer.

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The most beautiful animated wallpapers for mobile 2018

The app lets you move within the map by tilting the phone or do a drive by of the finger, and cock your phone to move the Map in the background.

You can through the settings app to control effects, which can appear or reactions that result from moving your phone.

The application uses the accounts of your device including the Processor war in order to recognize the movement of your phone and hexagons background live based on that.


  • Application areas World View Wallpaper Caribbean for wallpapers animated 3D

There are many applications that work on the same principle, almost including the application of the World View Wallpaper Caribbean available for Android devices.

The app offers a new kind of live wallpaper for Android devices which are used for the photographic quality of the Retina display HD transfer photos to places around the world.

You can set the app to use your local time or use it as a time zone photographic display of images based on the time zone of the site. Do you wake up people in the Caribbean? You can find out by looking to the Caribbean region through the creation of your own live!

Run the World View Wallpaper in the background, it has been improved to have minimal impact on battery life. Thus you can enjoy them on the go!

Is available this free app is one of the good options for those who did not like the idea of Skyline Live Wallpaper that shows the map and the terrain area of the user.

You can download the app for free from Google Play

Download application of World View Wallpaper

Link download Skyline Live Wallpaper live wallpapers and animated Android

You can download this app from Google Play but this will require you to pay 2 $ at least to get it, the app is available for free.

Download the app


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