Download race the month of Ramadan 2018 phones Android calendar Ramadan

Asset of the month of Ramadan 2018 – 1439 in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and any country you want you can learn each and get prayer times and areas through the download program, race, Ramadan 2018 , especially after the increasing numbers of those who want to know the race of Ramadan with the approaching date of the holy month of Ramadan , the ramadan 2018 calendar which lets you see all dates for the prayer and the adhaan for maghrib and Fajr and the number of hours of fasting every day, praying that the living God on the Islamic danger and the god of you all other business, Asia Ramadan vary from one state to the other, so it’s necessary to search for Asia Ramadan timing and country , Download the application to Asia of the month of Ramadan 2018 on your phone through the rest of the runway down the subject of our site how technique and know the best apps to help you organize your time and exploit the good in Ramadan through apps and programs Ramadan thread .

Download the programme of asset Ramadan 2018 for the prayer times in Ramadan

The date of the month of Ramadan 2018

The announcement of the date of the green month of Ramadan 2018 -1439 in Islamic countries will be on Saturday May 16, 2018, and on May 15 is the last day of the month of Sha’ban ridden and not according to the calculations of preceding Research Institute astronomical source, as stated Ramadan astronomically this year to update the 30-day period be the first day of Eid al-Fitr on 14 June 2018 .

تحميل برنامج امساكية رمضان للاندرويد
Download the programme of asset Ramadan for Android

Any proposed date for fluorescence 2018 and everyone is in for the month Almighty God of a great reward, and paid upon all Muslims . And with the approach of Ramadan everyone looking for each Ramadan to know prayer times and Azan in Ramadan 1439 , as it’s know by it’s the first day of Ramadan in 2018 will be on Thursday, May 15, 2018 .

Show Islam, or the verses the Koran and the year the terms of the obligatory presence of fasting
1 – Islam: there must be a kaafir.

2 – puberty: should not be small, but ordered the boy if take to get used to it.

3. contract: it must be crazy.

4 – ability: should not be disabled.

Asia Ramadan 2018 Asia Ramadan 1439 this year

امساكية رمضان 2018 و مواعيد الصلاوات
Asia Ramadan 2018, and the dates of the vigils.

Asset of the month of Ramadan 2018 depending on the timing of my city and Asia the holy month of Ramadan according to local capitals of the Arab States and their cities, the app is considered high resolution ready to print , calendar the month of Ramadan 2018, the prayer and the bed and breakfast for the month of Ramadan . For both cities, the capitals of the Arab States mentioned in programs where it offers you the option between the names of the States .

Asset of the month of Ramadan 2018 local search a lot in those days about those said especially of business, trade and to print and distribute the masses of the Egyptian people, and also offer you asset Ramadan 2018 for all Muslims in Egypt to know the number hours of fasting and the adhaan of Fajr and Morocco.

Offer you dates to catch and suhoor, and breakfast, and the date of Dawn prayers in Egypt .. Cairo Alexandria Aswan East Lake, Red Sea, qena, sohag, Assiut, minya and Marsa matruh el arish Sinai Luxor nag Hammadi Western el dakahleya mansoura , dates maghrib prayer, and the date of magrib Azan in Egypt, where everybody’s been wondering when breakfast Ramadan 2018

So we offer you to download each full month of Ramadan 2018 and each Ramadan 2018-1439 all Arab capitals and Global Asset Ramadan 2018 Washington -the United States of America, the prayer of Fajr and maghrib times of suhoor and mushrooms in Iraq during the month of Ramadan | Asia Ramadan 2018 1439

Benefits of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan

Fasting is a great virtue and a reward very much to double, he added, God is fasting to honor and maximize, in the hadith qudsi about was narrated from Abu hurayrah Allah be pleased with him said: the messenger of Allah (PBUH): “every action the Son of Adam doubles, good ten-fold to seven hundred times. Said God Almighty: except fasting, it is me, and I shall reward for it, claims his desire and food for me. Fasting joy: joy when breaking, and when you meet with the Lord. Follow[ back: change the smell of mouth]the best when the god of wind musk”.

Say fasting removes damaged cells and weak of body, hunger burn the internal organs of human body for consumption of the cells vulnerable to agree with that hunger, that allows for the opportunity to with renewed vigor, as it also consumes members diseased and renews its cells, in addition to that the formula works on protecting the body from many of the increases are harmful, such as gravel, and deposits of limestone polyps and bags fat as well as tumors in the beginning of the composition.

This is considered one of the most important health benefits for health you know through this topic on the most important ways of slimming and dieting in the month of Ramadan : the best ways to diet and healthy Ramadan

Download application Asia Ramadan 2018 on mobile

mecca , ksa Fasting Hours, the race of the month of Ramadan 1439 e in Saudi Arabia, Asia Ramadan 1439 in the UAE, Asia Ramadan 2018 you can find out all this things you can get once you download and entry the program race the month of Ramadan 2018 you can download it from the Google Play Store for Android .


مواعيد الصلاة في رمضان 2018
Prayer times in Ramadan 2018

Program asset Ramadan 2018 the best software that must be downloaded in the period of Ramadan and you can download the program on all types of systems and types of devices from mobile phones , which helps you to organize the time and exploited it well in the holy month of Ramadan .

Download each Ramadan 2018 PDF

You can download Asia Ramadan 2018 Egypt and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in PDF format from the link , you can find Asia Ramadan 2018 Kuwait, and Asia Ramadan 2018 Algeria, Asia, Ramadan 2018, Paris, France . Learn through the application of asset Ramadan timings Prayer of Fajr and maghrib times of suhoor and mushrooms in Egypt during Ramadan | Asia Ramadan 2018 1439

Achieve say to God in response to his commands and to buy, said gel and bug: ( maybe your arch 183 ) .

2 – to accustom oneself to the patience, and the will to overcome the month.

3 – accustom of human benevolence, compassion to the needy and the poor; because if tasted the taste of hunger, the larva of his heart and his feeling towards his brethren in need.

4. achieve comfort the body and wellness in the fishing world so committed to fasting in the laws and provisions of fasting and the meals ingested in the month of Ramadan all don’t affect the See and on your health in this period .

Hijri calendar 2018 Asia Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar – which consists basically of twelve months – is often the month of Ramadan or thirty or thirty one day and varies it up with the sighting of the moon and comes right after the Feast of the boom of the blessed, and although astronomical observatories occur earlier and be written in each since the beginning of the year but it has to be sighting of the moon to make sure the beginning of the month of shawwal .

Know the Hijri calendar full of here.

If Muslims all happen are the dates of the fasting and breakfast during the month of Ramadan said that it is a common error that said I no matter how accurate they are not 100% correct, but I must believe an individual to hear the Azan from the mosques, so he began fasting at the time of Dawn or breakfast at the maghrib prayer, but with the mosques, too, depend on each.

Link to download the program race the holy month of Ramadan and prayer times

Download the app

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