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Download wechat WeChat Free Video & voice calls 2018

Download Wei Sha application of social networking and the talks Free you can make voice calls and video calls in high quality with your friends from anywhere in the world , the application of WeChat think of alternative applications on the applications of conversation and chat banned in some Arab States , and one of the best ways to communicate with anyone, and make video calls and audio without any ban or Fee future , you know the advantages of the application of WeChat in this topic of our website how the technique through application download WeChat for PC and mobile then login Wechat .

About WeChat :

The application of Wei Sha is the application of the messages and place voice and video calls for free. you can communicate with your friends and relatives and exchange text messages to let media files in complete privacy and high quality , you can also connect with new friends around you use the application wechat WeChat free .

Software is the WeChat of the best screen applications and free calls worldwide. Through the program can chat with your friends and communicate with them online with ease. Of the program features is that you can make video calls through it and you can talk to friends face to face. Also you can make group chat with a number of your friends at one time. There is also the feature of voice chat, where you can record a voice message in your voice and send it to one of your friends. You can also share and send photos to friends through the program. Finally you can login to the program via your account on the website Facebook. The program depends a great alternative for the program Viper, which had been shut down in Saudi Arabia earlier and the program watts August famous is one of the best ways to get rid of the prohibition of the application of WhatsApp in some of the Arab States , and the number of users of the program WeChat active around the world, 235 million users and joint.

Application wechat WeChat latest version 2018

Through download Aloha products or download wechat, you will be able to get the latest version of the program and take advantage of the wonderful benefits especially after the release last the company’s product, they make it easy to handle very quickly without any comment and with excellent quality in calls, WeChat has the advantages of beautiful and wonderful such as : the possibility to change the language you want to study it out with your friends from all over the world and you can through Wechat call anyone on land line or mobile number from anywhere through the use of the app and without any additional fees this feature is available in certain areas .

الاتصال باي رقم مجانا
Contact eBay number free

The other advantage of the unique program offers WeChat wechat is the to meet new friends by showing the names of the people in a place close to where you used to determine the geographical location of the user .

تحديد الموقع الجغرافي للاصدقاء في wechat
Geolocation to friends in wechat

And wechat WeChat and the new 2018 of the most famous Android and iPhone Applications Windows iPhone your chat conversations, voice calls and video calls and send and receive text messages, photos, files, group chat you can create groups to chat, the size of the light on the device will help you to cope with a debilitating Sha with ease .

Registration in the application WeChat Login

Download and install WeChat does not consume a lot of steps you and after that you register in the app using your account on social networking site Facebook, and to facilitate the process of registration or you can register by following the traditional steps after you open the program you choose my intro and your phone number in the space provided and pressing the icon Next , you will receive a message on your phone download code activation your new account enter the activation code in the designated place no pressure on the Next .

Then it will ask you to enter your name in Wei-Sha-tops best name you click Next after it will go the program automatically to facebook and get friends who have wechat to communicate with them.

And it’s worth I didn’t report you of the characteristics and features where the feature group in the program WeChat substantial work that provides to its members where each group can include 500 level as is the case in the program of the telegram where the groups up to 1000 users.

خصائص تحميل WeChat
Properties download WeChat

Security and privacy : app features for apps to communicate and chat to other over and WhatsApp that Wechat Messaging app and chat gives you the highest level of privacy and protection from the other app which might have some of it in favor of the government programmes and government control such as the NSA program, the American application got on took his company global protection TRUSTe.

تحميل تطبيق وي شات الجديد
Download application wechat new

The possibilities and the budget : the application wechat WeChat you can send text messages to your friends and family no maximum free over Wi-Fi or data mobile network , also you can make voice and video calls in high quality anywhere in the world for free , you can also do group conversations Group Chat up to 100 people.

And one of the most important features used application of wechat is that it allows you to use the poster exhibition excited and attractive to impart life to your conversations. And you can share your moments wonderful and meet your representative on a wall of your photos , too, offers a location sharing feature automatically to let your friends know about your place constantly, you can do it area .

And is one of the most important applications that allow you to meet new friends through the search feature are people using the app near you , the games collectively and individually distinct you can play with your friends and development , and the application supports 20 languages, among them Arabic.

ردار معرفة الاشخاص من حولك
Radar to know the people around you

Download the application video and voice calls WeChat for PC

Therefore, the application of WeChat from the app world available for all types of devices and operating systems and you can use and download wechat WeChat for PC whether you are running Microsoft Windows or you are running a Mac your mac at the Apple where the availability of company wechat software for all operating systems and all Office equipment.

You can easily run the program WeChat on PC through emulators Android such as Bluestacks or program andy which lets you run any apps android on your PC for free and take advantage of all the features of the operating system of Android and you can download any of them from the following links and download application WeChat for free

Download bluestacks

Download the program Andy


Link to download the program for video calls and photos free WeChat

Download link for Android

Download link for iPhone



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