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Download application Seiko water for Android

Sai water became In time the current theme of the new social common on the web and it comes to sites of conflict and reconciliation in which there is a dog person one secret, and without that the receiver knows the identity of the author of the letter and is management note unidentified and a lot looking for such a property to get criticism and opinions about his personality to change and improvement without knowledge of the person of the sender and so we will explain in this article in detail about location Seiko water and how it is used .

And vary sites offering this feature the first is the location of Usk FM only lets you question been or show the name with the many features and constant updates and also believes the location of his struggle sarahah from one of the sites that adopted the idea of the point, and anonymous letters , and now in this topic offer you website Seiko water or SayAt.Me that allows users to receive messages and opinions of persons unknown. where often we want to know people’s impression or opinions .

But there are barriers that may prevent them from speaking out, so a Seiko water to solve this issue for us providing you this feature as this site, you can open a special page to receive the People’s opinions and observations in your personality , in this topic from the website how the technology you know the most important characteristics of the location of sayat and the importance of application download sayat me and how to set up an account at the site of Sai and steps sayat me recording , you will find a link to download the application Sayat sayat me Android .

Resigned to the opinions of those around you, honestly

Seiko water sayat me is the application of the conflict and the questions and the anonymous idea of the program is that you as a user of the application Seiko water sayat me by directing questions to all App users without revealing your identity and the source of the question that was asked to be answered, each according to his information and abilities in the solution of questions, as you can from the reception wanted to users without disclosing their identity to the application of a distinctive spread a lot lately, where the space left empty to receive many suggestions and answers by others as well will be required on your questions people unknown you can’t know their personalities . Can you the location of Sai independence of observations and opinions, without knowing who this person is so in a link to your page in this site as your social like Facebook or Twitter.

You are entitled to agree on the encore note the person in your page or not, where it would be forced to you initially and then read it can make them public to see other people’s opinions about you

And, of course, used this service between friends, parents, family and even in community work where they are directing the complaint and advice to staff and managers to improve performance in general, the program Seiko water the stars of this site at the current time.

برنامج الرسائل المجهولة سايت مي
Program anonymous letters Seiko mi management note anonymous

This program provides the user a great opportunity to receive notes and tips from the people without knowing their identities that reflect the true opinions and views in the shadow of the Frequent hypocrisy and courtesies that govern relationships these days and the absence of conflict, at the same time provides you as a user also have the opportunity to guide the dog to other people and advice is absolutely free and automatic without knowing your identity.

sayat me app is available on Google Play for months, has been able to harvest half a million downloads for Android phones with the knowledge that the service is available since at least 2010, and his fame great recently with the theme of the sites explicitly and similar services that are easy to process opinion and participation and also received from the friends, parents and the general public.

The app comes with a size of 8 MB at least is of the development company Mooncascade LLC it supports many languages including French and English as well as Arabic and is used by a lot of sweat lately.

Download Seiko water cart for mobile

The problem of people that most of them can’t say the conflict in the presence of each other for fear of the reactions be harsh sometimes, free to the and the however, program Seiko water sayat me wants to eliminate this phenomenon of social power which destroy relationships or make them continuously available despite the simplicity of the problems and differences.

اداة الملاحظة المجهولة سايت مي
Management note courtesy Seiko mi

The method of delivery at the site of sayat me

In this program works to create a free account and get a link to your own page and share them on Facebook and WhatsApp chat apps that you use with friends, and they will be on the login page and write their opinion or anything honest you in you messages to the Inbox in the program and read it, and it also and post it on your page in the app where others can read it and check your responses.

After loading the application of the SAI or access on the website of the SAI official :

You will find the options of the registration process in the SAI and is a step too quick you just have to enter the user name in the space provided and your password, and type in the link that you share between your friends and your colleagues to send messages to calculate the Seiko your

Lets you sayat me for account Sai through profit calculates Facebook through linkage with the application of Facebook or Twitter or through account Instagram

التسجيل في سايات مي
Shopping in Sai Mai

How do account in the SAI water

Know the delivery method through the application of the CY waters of the page you can set up an account in Seiko water easily just fill in the required data such as name, password, and email address and select the name of the Association Saeima Your and date of birth

  • You will find the icon enter the top left of the page Click on it to show the recording and look to the process of creating an account in the SAI
  • After that fill in data as required in the image
  • Press record to be able to install and finish the registration process
sayat me تسجيل
sayat me register

How to publish account Sai on Instagram instagram

It is necessary that you publish your account in the application of the Seiko water all be able to receive the notes of courtesy and messages and criticism of your colleagues and your friends and followers and you can post a link to your account in the Saeima in more than one place on your accounts on social networking sites .

You can post it on are attracting large numbers to see the expense of the Saeima by putting it in the house or CV so that they are able to a person once you click on the link to save it to the page, receive messages on your account in the SAI water .

نشرر حساب سايات instagram
Published account of Sai instagram

How to publish Sai on Facebook.

In the application of the FB in front of you more than one option to spread the expense of the Saeima your also you can put it in the house or CV your account and that person can see it once you enter your account and it’s easy for you to collect messages and notes from the largest possible number .

نشر رابط سايات على الفيس بوك
Post a link to Sai on Facebook.

And also you can share a link to the Saeima in a publication to your account on Facebook by copying the link and putting it in the place of posting on Facebook, you can from period to period to prepare the participation of the post on your account to friends

نشر رابط سايات
Post a link to Sai

Seiko waters wonderful climate and secure application ASK FM

تطبيق ينافس
The application of compete

Although the application of ASK FM is still enjoys great fame too, except that people are looking for good substitutes and of course the Seattle water is a great alternative both for those who wish to move to a new service or never use the giant ASK FM wants a new experience on a different platform.

The program depends of the tools to develop genuine self where you will receive from friends, coworkers, criticism, and opinions to express about your performance and your personality, and like any similar service it is natural to receive the messages of hate and threat and bad will learn that the frequency of these messages.

The long years of providing this service did not see until now the leaking of the messages that people send or disclose their identity.

Advantages of the program Seiko water sayat me how to use

تطبيق سايت مي بالعربي
The application of Seiko water work.

The overall program is Seiko water of the simplest applications that you can use in this area, especially with multiple competitors and options.

The app requires registration this is to get your personal page that you will receive from them the views of the people simply, you can use it to write reviews and tips for people without logging in and free.

In case you want to create your own page all you have to do is enter your name along to set a password for your account and English characters to express your page such as your name, such as.

Then to meet the views and observations will take the link and share it on Facebook and twitter and invites friends and people who see to change anything about you enter to the link and they will be on it.

Then you can log in to the app with your account at any time will be several options of which the search for other people, the definition file where you can set the photo is personal to you, set the language, the different settings account for the choice V is exit to log out of the app.

Within the program’s interface actually shows you your personal referral link and you have to press it and hold and select Copy from the Options menu and share, there are share buttons for Twitter, Facebook and VK and Tumblr and even Instagram.

The app lets you control the privacy of messages that it receives this through the identification of published work and respond to them in public or keep it to yourself in secret, and you can also set up Polls are you allowed to vote for.

Link software download Seiko water sayat me for Android phones

Quite easily you can use this app and receive the views of the people you constantly, and you can put a link to your page in the box your resume on Facebook where the link appears as well as the box information in the Twitter profile to be used in the reception of messages constantly.

The program is completely free and does not include any benefits paid for the purchase is you to keep the messages safe and without fear of publication.

Download the app

Download program Sai water via direct link

Application of the SAI direct link

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