Download program multi accounts parallel space to open two accounts from the same phone

Download the application to parallel space to be the application opened more than one account

Open more than one account both of the social apps or games from the things they are looking for users constantly and even in the presence of a lot of programs plasma that enables you to open more than account from same phone. I’m having one application you can open and manage all your accounts on different applications is appealing , in this topic of our site , how technology will offer you the application to parallel space multi-accounts which provides you to another world inside your phone you can manage more than one account and copy the apps plus a lot of nurses that will be addressed in this topic , You can proceed to find the link to download the program to multiple accounts parallel space of the host partition .

About the programme of the parallel space

تحميل تطبيق Parallel Space للايفون والاندرويد
Download application to Parallel Space of the host partition

Parallel Space is a free application to provide company LBE Tech can you Manage My Account to a different user to any application installed on your Android device or faith and you can mainly arise two different accounts for anything such as Facebook وClash of the Clans and Candy Crush Saga and Instagram and snapchat and a lot of apps, social networks and by downloading the program to repeat the programs and applications on the mobile phone.

Parallel Space is the best programme of Repeat applications for Android and amazing app is it’s a free program a hundred percent, as you can download the app and use it to open more than one account in a snap, SnapChat, plus you’ll enjoy after download Parallel Space to make a log in two accounts on Instagram Instagram .

As you can through a programme of Repeat applications in the android to do repeat the programs which is installed on phone android without to be need to do root the Phone Android smartphone your or download programs plasma and alternative applications from the official app .

Where it’s all you have to do is to make repeat applications through the use of a multi-program accounts Parallel Space and you start login with two different accounts and admin more than one account from the same phone simply the first version of the original program and the second version with built-in download Parallel Space .

Application to parallel space is one of the Best Android applications in all over the world, contains more than a million admired in the market for Android applications Google Play took which is the primary market for all users of Android, and allows you to access two accounts different from Twitter at the same time in one phone, and allows you to access Facebook’s two different accounts at one time and in the same phone .

Open two accounts from the same device is a multi-program accounts

At the moment I can’t open more than one account on the same device on Facebook or alwats August and other programs formally have the same device either through the browser or official apps even with having a Phone Dual SIM (dual-SIM) you can’t record and have more than one account on Facebook at one time or Instagram or WeChat .

With Download program Parallel Space no need to log out and smoke with a different account where you can open all your accounts with one device, and some of these programs you need to root the ‘root’ and some can you install it directly without the powers of the root . Was to clarify the characteristic of each program is brief and flaws, too. here’s the freedom of choice .

To be able to use many of your accounts to your apps in the answer to your android download software multi accounts Download Parallel Space for Android which does not exceed its size is 2 MB, and requires a working root Android, just install the app on your phone and then enter directly on more than one account in facebook and twitter and snapchat and WhatsApp and other apps other, not only that, but also protects your app from hack and steal personal data as it maintains your privacy so that they are not visible in the device.

Parallel Space application repeat programs and applications

The app will allow you to make and a lot of apps in your phone to copy the app beta when you by Facebook will be available in your device two apps Facebook installed in your phone so you can open more than one account and by many of the programs Twitter , snapchat , all , Yahoo , Instagram , Skype , and many applications as well as your general and others .

It can copy apps games, open more than one account in play and play accounts in the same device like Clash of Kings , Boom Beach , Hay Day , Subway Surfers , your chance to in general you defeated the ideas in more than one account and to win in play .

استخدام Parallel Space
The use of Parallel Space

Features the application of multi-accounts parallel space update 2018

The launch of the new update of the application to parallel space and has been modified to correct mistakes, including, in support of the preparation of the password to increase the privacy and protection of this world that was created inside your phone, and job administration notices, they can ban notices for applications within programme parallel space, assembling notices applications inside the app, improving the installation process to get rid in order to install the application to parallel space more easily, fix the problem automatically exit when receiving messages in WhatsApp .
The extra administration tasks of the new management application that is running in Parallel Space, and the city of new storage management applications data, and support for Sony Z5 / Z5C, and is compatible with phones Android .

And has been solving some of the problems that were facing the users, such as the problem of non possibility to open the Facebook app cloned in some phone models .

Explain the program multi accounts Parallel Space

Way to use the program for Parallel Space to open more than one account from the same phone is easy and very simple after downloading the app through the download links available below this topic open it and click on the mark balas + existing in the application interface you are able to choose the software or applications that want to make a copy of it , and then choose the app and download it use app copied and log in calculates the second non-existing account in the app the original .

تكرار التطبيقات و نسخ برامج الاندرويد
Repeat applications and version programs Android

And it’s worth noting that lets you modify accounts and copy the app to make a copy of the program for only one time, so you can log in with two accounts on your cell phone, and the program is copied and the original program, and through it you can do open an account you through the two applications at the same time .

What are the applications that you can copy them and repeat them on the phone?

All Programs The do download and you install on your phone, you can program Parallel Space to say, repeat and copy, for example, duplicate account into, the duplicate Facebook account .

And also repeat and open two accounts snapchat, the version of the application WhatsApp, copy the program Viber and a copy of the programme of emo and copy the program term plus repeat and copy program Twitter, is that the app is able to magnify and copy all the games that come to mind like the repetition of the game clash of clans soon took, copy and repeat the game clash Royal

You can use both to stop both sides at the same time, use the original program and refined at the same time, and you think this property is characteristic in the program and that’s what the users want .

The difference between the app and the copied and the original on the phone?

There is no difference between the application of the original and the app is refined, where the application of the Parallel Space to copy the application with all its potential as the application duplicate is the same as the app and is matched to the program the same and offers the same features .

The only difference is in where all to apply . That’s where the application of the original will find its place in the Home screen or to the investigation attributed you’ll find it within the download application to parallel space .

What are the advantages of applying the parallel space to open two accounts from the same device?

  • The application is free and you can size is very small no more than 2 meg, and easy to use too .
  • The application of special and unique because it’s the only one in Google Play called open different accounts in the same app at one time .
  • I don’t need any of the powers of the root never .
  • Supports all phones Android that is higher than version 4.0 .
  • Watch different images on account of Instagram the second .
  • Connect with various friends on the account Facebook second .
  • Game Games on two accounts at the same time to double the enjoy playing .
  • Supports a lot of Android applications and 90% of the apps Google Play

Download the program Parallel Space multiple accounts for iPhone

Download link for iPhone

Download the program to repeat and copy applications Parallel Space Android

Download link for Android



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