Download program GIF Toaster convert video to GIF for iPhone

Way to convert video to animated application GIF Toaster

Become GIF animations from your favourite content on social networks, various, including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and even snapchat and sites another occasion , as they are also used in chat applications such as WhatsApp as well as Facebook Messenger, Viber, telegram and applications many other applications of moving images that allow users to upload images, animations and share them , this motion picture in fact you can industry them in multiple ways one of which is by turning the video into GIFs and you can it on iPhone without a computer or a computer with a single application, namely, GIF, Toaster , You know in this topic on the application of the GIF Toaster to convert video to gif images .


Application GIF Toaster sing you the fact about the use of computer and also makes you rich about complexities and difficult roads to make this style of content , in this article you will learn more about the application of the GIF Toaster and its possibilities and get the link to download it directly from App Store without jailbreak or any complications.

General information about the program GIF Toaster convert video to image GIF for iPhone

نبذة عن تطبيق GIF Toaster
About the application of the GIF Toaster

This is one of the free apps that provide users create animated images and more importantly it supports many ways to do it and just me depending on the video clips.

GIF Toaster is available for free on the App Store and is available in three languages: English, Japanese, Korean, unfortunately does not support Arabic language.

To work on your device you need to have your iPhone or TABLET IPAD iOS 9.0 or newer while older versions don’t support it.

The application of the development AppMadang it needs some plugins to paid, and free may display ads from its use, does not exceed the size of 35 MB.

How to use the program GIF Toaster and converts video to image GIF for iPhone

مميزات برنامج GIF Toaster
Features and GIF Toaster

The primary feature of the app is that it saves you import a video clip from the video library on your device and on the industry an animated GIF image.

You don’t need to be a professional in the graphic industry and visual content, the app offers you to choose the snapshot that you want to convert from video to animated image that does not exceed a few seconds.

You select the title within the video and the New is selected saved and some moments you will find the animated image you have in the photo library.

You can then work on sending those images in chat apps and social media friends and fans.

You can rely on the videos of sitcoms, movies, international and local videos, funny videos, political, military, and youthful letter of credit had leaders and politicians where there can be funny clips or expressive you can convert them to GIFs.

Does not require you to this process only a few a very few minutes before you get GIFs good quality high share.

Features software GIF Toaster convert video to image GIF for iPhone

تحويل الفيديو الى صور متحركة للايفون
Convert videos to animated GIFs for iPhone

On the other hand, this application offers the advantages of additional non-convert video to animated GIF images for iPhone, but it’s the industry that images based on the image plain and steady through the collection of a range of similar images and which have the same context and to the motion image expressive.

Of course you can collect a number of pictures industry motion pictures meaningless, but it is not useful and does not give any value, for that is better to focus more on the creative side of innovation and will help you in app to convert your ideas into moving pictures with meaning.

Like you can choose several images of the same person showing how it was like fat and now skinny has to get rid of weight, and can be used in order to show expressions a variable of someone’s face.

The Application according to the testimony of many is wonderful and the nurses that help industry motion picture based on the video clips ready or other images available on your device.

Although the app does not provide the direct participation of the health of the interface by software only to those pictures that get stored on your device and you’ll raise them as is the case with the normal photos to the services that you want to share.

Everyone in the program GIF Toaster that is available in one software easy to use what makes it suitable for beginners and amateurs as well as professionals.

Its small size and potential great nurses celebration that is enjoyed by make it one of the best apps that offer this service for users of the iPhone.

Link download program GIF Toaster convert video to image GIF for iPhone

The app is available on App Store for free has been harvested an assessment of the capacity of the 4 of 5 is available for iPhone and you can use it also for iPad by downloading it from the same link.

Download the app

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