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Download game Football the famous Bess 2018

PES are the best football games of old, modern and Bess 2018 of more games that are loved by people from around the world, whether of the older or smaller due to the challenges and competition stirring the amount of fun that you’ll get it once you play that game , in this section of our site How does the technique offer you a link to download PES 2018 full for PC and you can download game PES 2018 to the small size of the devices of the weak , and it is worth noting that the Pisa 2018 is the new update of World Series Pro Evolution Soccer football from company Konami. The traditional production allows you to participate in various competitions, management of teams of different leagues and play for the national teams. The game offers a technique very similar to the latest machines of Sony and Microsoft. In addition to the new version .

Information about PES 2018

Game pes 2018 the production of the Japanese company KONAMI and are a well established company and old in the industry of games and many games that prove to us over the superiority and versatility of that company in the manufacture of games and bring the fan of those games, including game pace 18 that we offer you today, and that the company “KONAMI” was established in 1969 .

Working game PACE on Windows operating system, was introduced to developers Konami system real touch to control the ball by the players, although it was available before, the system now takes into account many parts of the body of the players, so that on the pitch we can see different animations on the stability, etc. have slowed the game a bit to make the game a little more realistic in addition, we have seen a dodgy strategy, giving you more control of the ball and the rigid parts of the game .

تحميل لعبة بيس 2018 للكمبيوتر
Download PES 2018 computer

What’s new in PES 2018 is?

The development of the latest version of the World Series pace, were added many features and additions that didn’t exist before, and also addressed the problems that occurred in this previous release extras that don’t like the masses to carry with them extra wonderful very will of the masses is certainly where one of the most important additions download Pisa 2018 .
  • Interface great new game very representative of the simplicity in design and ease in understanding and dealing with it, which makes it so easy to have all users in addition to testing the company product players Barcelona team on the logo download PES 2018 .
  • As usual, Konami Corporation to develop the level of quality of the players in terms of facial features and body very near to the valley where, as it appears in front of you see the power of the GPU, which differed significantly from the previous versions .
  • The newest stadiums which appear very high quality which is no less completely sidelined realism and the fans that fill the stands and never stopped cheering and encouraging the team to the newest and do chants devoted to the team .
ملاعب واقعية في لعبة بيس 2018
Tennis realistic game pace 2018
  • The development of the system of play and in the players from the old system in previous releases, which affect the way the game real foul and hit the penalty and move the ball between players, running with the ball and everything in this game looks a little different from what was in previous versions which makes it a distinct game altogether .
  • In the game Pisa 2018 enjoy the players skill is very high you can use it in a very simple way to give the game the appearance of a very brilliant and each player possesses the skills of more of the Great you can try them all .
مهارات عالية لعبة PES 2018
High skills game PES 2018
  • Contain the game on one of the changes health of new players loaned to all clubs and also changes in the new arrangements for 2018 .
المميزات الجديدة في بيس 2018
New features in Pisa 2018
  • The accuracy of the passes is still great as it is in the previous release in the PES 2017 with some modifications that make the accuracy of the passes above and do much more besides the accuracy of shot on goal and also has been the development of the goalkeepers for the largest number of balls, which makes the game download Bess 2018 fair and kind .


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