Download now wallpaper Galaxy Fuld-quality full

Keep nearly a month on the launch of the Galaxy Fuld for sale vs 1920$, but before that, you can upload your backgrounds, where you got SamMobile recently and then my wallpaper picture of the butterfly that was seen during the announcement of the phone is removable to bending, you can download now.

Come images with a resolution 1960 x 1960 (on one hand), or strictly 2152 x 2152 (both) to accommodate the screen resolution bendy amounting to 1536 x 2152.

Backgrounds completely original, where you can see the empty spaces that don’t exist in the background of the phones were returned, and backgrounds specifically designed to highlight the folds in the screen, which divide the background from the middle is impressive, even though they may not excite admiration on the phones non-Bendy, and you can view them:

If you like the new backgrounds, you can download quality full by clicking the “here” (we’ve included versions also mobile).

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