Download Navi new is as manager downloads open source on Android

It may be hard to find city downloads high-quality in the store Google Play, where often are filled with these kinds of applications ads is questionable, but with the Downloads manager new Download Navi it’s different, this reason makes us happy to have this app to highlight it.

Generally, comes application Download Navi fun for Android users only, a lot of great features, most notably is an open source application which means that you can easily check the code to see which behavior questionable as well as contribute to the project.

As well as it’s completely free to use, and contains no ads, a coming design Google offers “Material Design” talk, with the support of time dark attribute white not only this, but also supports the feature of Android, the operating system “Chrome”, support most of web browsers.

Do not expect it at that, so that come application Download Navi the option to pause and resume downloads, support download the 3 files in batch regardless of size, also supports the download by parts “up to a maximum of 16”, and most importantly that the Downloads are in the background without any impact on the whole process.

Are we done? Of course not, the application Download Navi has other possibilities, the code checks the user agent, and support the communication of gas constrained just like Wi-Fi, and after completion of download the file, you can activate the option to open the file directly, or notice of violations loading without open the file, there are tools to manage and control energy in the battery.

Finally, as we pointed out earlier, application Download Navi available to download for free and full on Android, an open source application and does not support advertising in any form, that supports Android version 4.4 the latest.

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