Download Muslim Pro muslim pro program to Muslim ears, and the direction of the qibla and prayer times

The best applications that you need in the month of Ramadan 2018 muslim pro

There are a lot of applications that don’t use them in the month of Ramadan 2018 blessed that you use it of the Muslim Ummah in these days , applications like determining the prayer times and dates of the ear and determine the direction of qibla and prayer times five years all these things we need them constantly in our daily life and and every Muslim and Muslim , and in this topic of our site, how technology will offer you a Application to regulate all these things and helps you manage your duties, religious and exploiting the holy month of Ramadan to break the action of God , know the application muslim pro and the most important features that offers its users , You can download the app easily from the bottom of this topic .

The timing of the cross and the dates of permission, and determine the qibla direction and prayer times five, And after knowing the date of the month of Ramadan 2018 blessed this holy month of Ramadan, which abounds in Acts of worship and obedience and good deeds, and looking the learn about the best ways that help them to exploit the time of the holy month of Ramadan in righteous deeds being the term in which the multiplier and one of the most important of these methods is the use of technology or applications and programs available to us and we can upload them on our phones with ease and use it in the regulation time and the Ramadan one of the most important of these applications that help you to accomplish your goals and your business in the month of Ramadan 2018 is the application of Ramadan Legacy and also there are many Applications support and permission, such as the application of Dua & azkar and application of the Quran such as the application of verses Ayat , and looking a lot of cases and who fast aaad in the month of Ramadan, on the application of the fatwas of Ramadan and the provisions of fasting and many of the terms and things religious, initiated by God in relation to health them you can identify them through the download the application bag the jejunum , in this topic we show you the site how technique download application Muslim Pro Muslim Pro Android link free , The program Muslim Pro and it is very important to the needs of all users in the a lot of important things like knowing the prayer times and Azan and know the direction of qibla compass and read verses from the Holy Quran program Muslim radio , program Muslim Pro muslim pro should be available and loaded on all the mobile phone especially in the holy month of Ramadan where is one of the best programs during Ramadan, which can not do without the services that it offers to determine the dates of the original and the earpieces , Know more about the benefits and services provided by the program Muslim Pro Muslim and you can also download the program Muslim Pro full mobile free through download links found through this topic .

Download program Azan and Quran and qiblah direction muslim pro

تحديد اتجاه القبلة مسلم برو
Determine the direction of qibla Muslim Pro

The program Muslim Pro muslim pro from the programs and applications simple and easy relating to all things Islamic, one of the most important programs, Ramadan 2018, which is looking a lot about loaded in preparation for karmic , you can download the program Muslim Pro for iPhone and Android free software Muslim the ears of many things such as complete knowledge of all the dates of Azan and prayer times correctly and not wrong , as it depends on the settings that you can control it and put it in terms of geographical location and time , where you can enable the various settings in the right way so you get the prayer timings are accurate , Where it includes a huge number of Muslims from throughout the Islamic world, where up to twenty-five million Muslims and above that .

This program features representative that offers you an easy and simple interface contains all the things and information about the Islamic order to be able to all users of sweating in the Islamic religion, where it grows the Muslim Pro New that helps you to learn all aspects of the Islamic and the prayer timings in the area inhabited by the compass contained in it , as it features that offers you the Qur’an, and a lot of the market was that you can say read it in is extremely easy and simple , The program supports Muslim Pro New is available free small size to enable all users to run it on the phone and get the most important information to the Islamic religion.

تحميل تطبيق مسلم برو رمضان 2018
Download application Muslim Pro Ramadan 2018

Allows you to program Muslim Pro recognize a lot of different things about the Islamic religion and to learn the Islamic calendar, spelling the complete identify on the most important dates of the Islamic 2018 as Eid al-Fitr and the Eid al-Adha , in addition, it contains a lot of greeting cards for Islamic and congratulate the Eid al-Fitr and benergies of the greeting Ramadan 2018 and a lot of supplications and azkar different and diverse that it is advisable to the Muslim to read in the first normal, in addition, it contains the sites of feeding the most Halal and mosques that revolves around you , So he needs a lot of people who travel to countries of non-Islamic application Muslim Pro makes it easy management of worship and the Ramadan fast and pray in time He of travel apps is necessary to provide, on your phone , where he designed the program Muslim Pro specially for Muslims the new who are not proficient in the English language, where the features of this app that supports English and you Compass for the qibla direction and the ticket prayer times, and a GPS that allows you to get to the nearest Mosque to you, restaurants that sell eating Halal.

Link to download the program Muslim Pro Muslim Pro for iPhone and Android free

مميزات تطبيق muslim pro
Features application muslim pro

The program Muslim Pro The can download it on all kinds of operating systems for free and link directly to the meter Main to the operating system and can not be dispensed for on our phones so that the application is accurate big in scheduling prayers as well as the timings and adhan , is that it is characterized by the presence of the Holy Quran in full and then signs the voice of the many and various organizations and notes are allowed, and then additionally determine the direction of qibla Compass as well as provide you with the report of the Hijri Islamic and also map restaurants and mosques, etc.

The program Muslim Pro is free and supports many languages. you can choose the language you want to use the program through it once you download the program Muslim Pro , and in addition, it contains the timings of the five prayers to be able to all users to check prayer timings of the five especially in the holy month of Ramadan .

Add to that the program Muslim Pro allows you to learn the qibla direction by going to the option of Compass which is on the main interface of your phone android , click on the compass make the phone horizontal so he’s getting to know the direction of qibla in your local area, as it features the program Muslim Pro that allows you to learn a lot of different supplications that are in mp3 format so that all users listen and learn the most important prayers and read the Koran full free through this program to everyone, This program is used to possible sweating in the Islamic religion and learn more details about the Koran.

Features of the program Muslim Pro Muslim Pro program Muslim ears and kiss.

Owns this app a lot of advantages and characteristics of various subjected to all users everywhere in the world and needed by every Muslim and Muslim especially in the month of Ramadan , you know with us the most important characteristics of and services provided by the program Muslim Pro User for free

  • You can determine the qibla in all the places and of the problem of the inability to determine the kisses and especially Travelling in remote areas or places unknown.
  • You can find out all the dates of the cross and then adjust the ears with ease depending on the timing of all cities of the world and as a city that draws him.
  • Owns the application source, including the Koran.
  • This application supports the opportunity to get all the names of God.
  • You can select all the places of prayer as well as mosques with ease in all places of the world and qibla direction Compass .
  • You can get cards especially congratulate all occasions and holidays including Eid al-Adha as well as Eid al-Fitr and also congratulated the holy month of Ramadan.
  • You can read the Quran and then work to download the notes for the verses .
  • You can surround the free app on your mobile device with ease all the versions of his various.
  • Extends your application account is accurate for all the prayer times using your current location, which belongs to you.
  • You can get alerts adhan whether Alarm optical or with voice hear a number of voices of the muezzins and you’ll choose from among these elders.
  • Provides you with the chance to see all the prayer times directly and through the list today.
مميزات تطبيق مسلم برو بجميع اللغات
Features application Muslim Pro all languages
  • You can hear the Koran more than the hills site and you’ll choose from among these sounds, the control you have.
  • Provides you with section of different messages to send all updates that pertain to you throughout the year.
  • You can get the compass moving in place to determine the direction of qibla with ease as well as provides you with a map showing you the direction of Mecca with ease.
  • You can get calendar Islamic Hijri fully up to working on all the dates of Religious holidays such as Eid al-Adha and Eid also.
  • Provides you with fortress of the Muslim through a large collection of invocations and supplications.
  • The app lets you use different languages you can choose the language you want with ease once you download Muslim Pro


Link download software Muslim mobile free Muslim Pro

The program Muslim Pro new works on all types of phones and operating systems, Android and iPhone free , download program Muslim pro the new some additional improvements and modifications to the services it provides , as it says this new software calculates the accurate time of prayer you have left, how much, where you can change the sound of the adhaan and allows you to view the prayer times directly from within the program Muslim Pro New, as it has the program Muslim Pro new to a lot of audio recitations free holy and and in mp3 format.

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