Download Facebook application Metal for Facebook on Android 2018

Download Facebook metal alternative to facebook and Twitter for Android

Download Facebook application Metal for Facebook for Android as an alternative to the development of Facebook , that’s where the Metal for Facebook is a simple program depends on the mobile version of Facebook, with a few adjustments to show you your account Facebook simply and quickly , know on download application alternative Facebook Metal for Facebook to become the best , this app gives you the address on your account in FB and in a way very easy it’s light and fast a very and also increases the speed of your phone but , As we know that some of the users have phones running Android that features a medium, which makes the phone slow and heavy too when you use the Facebook app, the battery runs out , so if you suffer from these problems as you browse Facebook you can download an alternative program to social networks Facebook and twitter is the Metal for Facebook , we offer you in this topic from the website How does the technique link download Facebook application Metal for Facebook for Android 2018 .

Why do you need to download an alternative to facebook for?

A lot of people are buying from the official app network Facebook on Android is bad quality and not at the level required of them even in the newest tests that have been done on the application of neutral bodies make sure that the app drains the energy in the battery.

This we have seen many alternatives on the Google Play store which solved the problem and also provides possibilities not available in the official version of the app maybe Metal for Facebook is one of the most famous third-party apps on Facebook which months of Puffin for Facebook and other names we have addressed earlier, such as Facebook light Facebook Lite owners poor connections to the Internet or to consume less of your phone data

And we can with you to apply wonderful alternative to the official application for Facebook on the Android system, this comes after repeated notifications about the cons of the application facebook official which is represented in the data consumption and the battery is huge.

And download the app over a million times, at least from Google Play gets updates and supports the Arabic language, and don’t forget also that it supports Twitter so you don’t need to the official app for the network also to be connected to the account on the micro-blogging network dissemination of tweets and interact with them.

An integrated application is trying to reduce the number of networking applications social on your phone where you can delete the official app of the facebook and messenger Add to a Twitter application and get enough of this app.

And better than Facebook in many aspects, especially on the level of energy management and reduce battery consumption.

And of course it is available free and does not require you to use it to pay any money to use it.


  • Features of Facebook application Metal for Facebook

Metal for Facebook
Facebook application Metal for Facebook

The app is based on a mobile version of Facebook for mobile some adjustments and improvements that make it better, this to review the pages quickly and download images and content that show you in less speed as possible.


Can Your app log in to your account on Facebook with the possibility of moving in to your account on Twitter through a side menu that you can of them to click on Twitter to appear in front of you login so you can access this website also through the app.

And lets you app for Facebook to explore new publications and comment on them and interact with them, besides the publication of new publications and participation in groups including groups of eggs as it provides you to also add new friends and visit the public pages and the abolition of the friendship, follow, and admiration, and do not forget the chat.

All the advantages that it offers you Facebook you can use it in Metal for Facebook at the lowest cost card of up to it provides 20 percent of the battery compared to using the official app.

The same also for Twitter where as we said You can app access to your account on this service and participation tweeted and follow you favorite characters and also news sources on this platform which publishes latest tweets first, and you can comment on them and share them and admiration them and look for tweets and take advantage of the possibilities of Twitter in general.

The app provides you with a number of themes of night and the wonderful that allows you to use Facebook and twitter look interesting and different from the applications default.


  • Download Facebook application Metal for Facebook on Android 2018

After you install the app on your phone android You can directly direct the use of your account on Facebook, log on in the normal manner, as the app is available Bethel of multiple closed and open, you can choose what suits you from them.

The app is available free for Android phones and you can download it now from Google Play by clicking here

Download the app

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