Download application TeaTv to watch movies and series modern translators, 2019

The longer the app TeaTv one of the best applications that implement the view all-new in the MMORPG movies, series and Netflix are available and those services which don’t have access to it for FREE, know Charge Latest What available of them are including Arabic.

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App TeaTv is practically the best alternative for any program that works in the same field and a fantastic alternative for the application of Netflix Netflix paid, you can review the best movies rated by the users and watch them on your phone Android or downloaded, and broadcast on Chromecast or your smart TV.

For the application that does not exceed its size is about 21 MB many of the nurses that see her here and on her head she does not require creating an account or connecting with Facebook or something, just run the application and review movies, TV shows and now global or direct broadcast will be to what you want where the app is working on the written update it automatically without interference from you, in addition to the quality of the multiple display that allows you to choose the appropriate quality according to the speed of call to the internet.

Application features TeaTv to watch movies translated

  • The app interface is easy and beautiful
  • A great base is the best film of the World Series translated.
  • Modify the horse show even HD top quality.
  • Contains several Plesk entity does not have his scenes any problems or chopping in the broadcast.
  • An alternative practical to apply the Netflix paid offers him in an all new show.

  • A special classification to view the movies new top rated most view.
  • Player includes a special Video Player.
  • Works with lets ban movies that require age-specific Safe Mode adult content is disabled by default, and you have to do the work of the settings.
  • Application support M3u files that we know of links between now and then, which operate on the run and space with IPTV.

Latest version of the application with number v9.9r can be downloaded from the following link:

TEATV 2019


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