Download application Phone Clone to transfer data from your old phone to the phone EVO new

How to transfer content from your old phone to the new phone

After you buy a smart phone, a new challenge becomes clear then, is that you have to transfer data from your old phone to the new one without losing or relating to, Without to forget to transfer any important data , and this process is usually carried out manually and this is the common way to the current time, what consumes a lot of time and result in the final to the loss of some data especially as he is cleared of all data to old phone to sell it or get rid of it , But of through download application Phone Clone you can data transfer for iPhone or old Android to the new one easily and without losing any important data or forget to transfer, the process will become easier for you and will not bother buying new phones and transfer data to it and get rid of the old , and everyone in the app is that it offers you to transfer data from the old phone to the new one, even if it was different at the level of the manufacturer and the operating system of the user.

  • General information about the application Phone Clone

نقل كافة بيانات الهاتف
Transfer all phone data

This application is from the software company Huawei, which provided good eyeliner to transfer data from Old phones to new whether Android or iPhone.

The app is free and displays no ads, which is not limited to Huawei devices, products and it works on all phones and devices.

And speaking of operational requirements for this application we find that it works on Android devices 4.0 and the latest has been downloaded more than 10 million times at least.

And works also on iOS 6.0 on the iPhone and the iPad so what the newest, it supports the Arabic language to many languages including English.


  • Features application Phone Clone transfer the contents of the old phone to the new

تطبيق Phone Clone
Application Phone Clone

This app offers a necessary service that is in easy to use interface supports Arabic language, is to transfer data from your old phone to the new one regardless of the phone type or source.

Designed by Huawei for the transfer of user data from phones iPhone galaxy and other brands to Huawei phones new, but you can use it to transfer data from iPhone your old phone a Sony Xperia which I bought recently.

The application to transfer the contacts from the old phone to the new phone, coupled with the incoming and outgoing messages, call history, as he works on the transfer of data to the Calendar application, along with sound files as well as video clips which works on the easily transferred from the old phone to the new phone.

And of course don’t forget that it works on the transfer of applications, documents and any other types of data and other files that you have stored on your device.

The app works to measure the size of files that will transfer its where I show you in the interface of the transmission to a new phone The size of the files that will be transferred and the total size must be free and available on your new device.


  • How to use Apply Phone Clone to transfer data to iPhone or old Android to new

كيفية استخدام تطبيق Phone Clone
How to use Apply Phone Clone

Required to work on Application download Phone Clone on your new phone as well as the old before beginning the process of transportation, and must have two devices connected to the Internet at the same time.

Simply transfer data from old phone to the new one easily, by opening the app on the old phone and press the option that it’s an old phone, while choose an option it’s a new phone for the new phone.

Follow the instructions and you can also invest some of the data patterns that do not want to transfer to your new phone, including but not limited to, work on the investment to transfer photos, you do not need to transfer it towards the new phone you can cancel your transfer option within the settings.

The process of Transport a period of time depending on the size of files that can resist the transfer of them according to the internet speed you have available in the place where you work on data transfer between them.

Link to download the application to Phone Clone to transfer the data of old phone to new phone

The app is free and is one of the best applications that provide easy data transfer from old phone to new it is available for both Android devices and iPhone and even iPad.

Download the app for Android

Download the app for iPhone and

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