Download app video calling free and without prohibition of the application of Glide

Download Glide video chat new Android and iPhone 2018

Application of the Glide to chat video , when you feel bored of texting you can download the program glide Glide and do most video free on Android and iPhone as a microscope and easy, where he received this application 2018 Glide to impress millions of users , where is the Live Video Messenger of the best chat apps and free calls on a mobile phone , which provides you the feature of video chat you can communicate to your friends through the camera of your phone mobile , the Feast of messages and trowels script, boring and routine , Know the features and application of the Glide more when you download the app Glide video chat on the mobile phone , or download video chat video chat glide . Download glide for calls and video chat you’ll find a link to download the application to Glide on phones, iPhone and Android in this topic from the position of how technology

Application free calls video chat Glide

In find a lot of apps chat video blocked in your region and also voice calls, the application of the Glide works well in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and a number of states that recognize the call blocking free via chat applications in the internet.

The app is of chat apps promising he earns more users day after day and downloaded it from Google Play at least about 50 million times.

تحميل تطبيق مكالمات الفيديو المجانية
Download app video calling free

Comes to reflect the many applications of the famous and adults, including Facebook and Skype and snapchat and telegram and on about the video is competing more bullish torque.

And because the members of the family in our time of the day using video calls on the Internet to communicate and to find out the situation of children in the Diaspora, both who are working or students and also the Father in the face with his small family who works in another city or country for certain conditions governed by the demand for apps video calls has now become much and every one of them trying to make this service better competitors.

The company is the developer for this app as excellent a level of advantages and possibilities offered by the general users and is suitable for a large also a number of apps that offer the service of Visual Communication and rights we have in a number of aspects.

And for the record, the app is also available for iPhone and thus available for months phones and mobile devices and prevalent today.

The advantages and possibilities of application of Glide for video calls :

Live Video Messenger :

The application comes with one easy-to-use is dominated by simplicity in the foundation which allows you to add friends to face contact easily and also chat with them through the exchange of pictures and you can text chat with them it also supports stickers, emoji and symbols that express your reactions and your feelings also.

تطبيق glide احدث اصدار
The application of glide latest version

And works on all networks Aerobic, including Wi-Fi and networks of the third and fourth generation, and you can see the picture capture from within the app and share them immediately and then, as add effects to them before their participation on the service at the same time you will receive photos of friends and for the record the contents in this case is not stored on your phone but on the company’s servers to avoid the problem of the consumption of storage space available in the user’s phone and this is a positive point.

ارسال رسائل الفيديو المباشرة تطبيق Glide
Send video messages direct application of the Glide

By clicking on the blue circle to start the video in the registry and of course you have to turn the front camera of the device after the recording is finished click on finish and watch the video.

تسجيل فيديو باستخدام تطبيق glide
Record a video using the app glide

And of course there are many effects and filters are available to you for added on the video before watching it and you can send videos that were recorded in advance through imaging apps videos and add effects. you can also send existing photos in the library.

تحميل تطبيق glide
Download app glide

Great that the app supports video calls for the deaf who use sign language this is to facilitate communication with them and this is a very important point that will help them certainly to communicate the preference of this app on the apps competition, which does not provide this feature.

The company is working on updating the app constantly and adding more features to it including more effects and filters that are also stored on company’s servers and not within the files app on your phone.


What’s new in the application of GLide latest version 2018 is?

  • In the new version of the app was to support the voice calls and responses of audio that you can record it and send it via the app, while also improving access to new conversations on the app in general.
  • In the latest version of the application free calls glide you can see the old messages that have been archived .
  • Offers you the feature to download video files directly on your device .
  • You can submit a voice message directly with one click .
  • You can see when open friends your messages .

Link Application download Glide video calls for iPhone and Android Live Video Messenger

You can now download the app and install it on Android phones by downloading it from Google Play as that you can also download it from the App Store for iPhone.

Download android

Download for iPhone

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