Download app squirrel Squirrel alternative yahoo messenger for iPhone and Android

Download program chat squirrel Squirrel 2018 conversations free

Download app squirrel Squirrel alternative Yahoo Messenger conversations and chat free , especially it is starting from 17 July 2018 will stop the service of Yahoo Messenger and therefore will not be able to any person for use in chat conversation, and why did the American company to provide a new alternative comes a new way to chat and interact with content and different from all the previous products in this area , talking about the chat program, FREE squirrel Squirrel alternative Yahoo Messenger currently available for iPhone and Android , du, which requires the current situation and get an invitation in order to use it, while you will be able to invite friends and family to use it and send invitations to them.

The app is available Of course for free it does not requires any fee or a paid subscription, what makes it suitable for applications chat and social media.

What do we know about the application of squirrel Squirrel alternative to Yahoo Messenger?

تحميل تطبيق السنجاب
Download app squirrel

The app developed by Yahoo-owned giant communications Verizon acquired last year.

This app is classified within chat applications and social media, comes the size of 13 MB on Android and up to 70 MB almost on Apple devices and on Android devices 5.1 and newer, and iOS 10.3 what the latest.

Got the app on good ratings even though he didn’t have a large number of downloads, since it has not been announced only a few weeks ago, as he needs to call in order to use it.

How do I get an invitation to use the application squirrel Squirrel alternative to Yahoo Messenger?

تطبيق السنجاب Squirrel
Application of the squirrel Squirrel

Simply if you do not own a friend have got an invitation to use this app, you like the benefits that it provides and want to be the race to use it you can it one way.

You should send an email to and ask them in English, get invited to use it, and of course you need to write a lengthy letter, just a sentence with the greeting “hello” and thanks in advance at the end of the message.

You will receive support from the service to use the app, you will get the possibility to send invitations to friends and family to use the app.


  • Features of the application squirrel Squirrel alternative yahoo messenger for iPhone and Android

مميزات تطبيق السنجاب Squirrel
And squirrel Squirrel

This app is not suitable for WhatsApp and Messenger or telegram, at least directly, but it’s an app that combines the social networking system rooms and live chat.

In the beginning you’ll find that the app enjoys one software graphical very attractive and fun, and the system that operates the service in general is a system of rooms, where you can create a private room in the Family Room, Special friends, your own room, you and someone specific, a private room for your team, clients or colleagues at work, after you get the link to invite people to join you or add from Contacts.

Building on this work to add people to the room created by them, while anyone can create a room and invite them where you will continue to link or a direct call through the app if you’re in the contacts they have.

Can be in one room only two people to dozens of people maybe hundreds, of web for each room or set a specific goal was established.

After that you can share photos, videos and text messages as well as documents, files and links in the room, while others interact with what you post, and they also share content regarding the content of the room from Pictures, Videos, links, documents, files, programs and apps.

In application it provides you to interact with content appropriate to that room, through the reactions you can design it to be your own.

Also lets you the app reference to any person you want to see the joint which is present in that room will be an alert to do so.

Conversations and messages, know the characteristic as shown in the pictures attached with this article, and the reactions are distinctive, and you can go back to those letters, conversations, browsing each room in which you participate individually and also using the search feature.

Link to download application squirrel Squirrel alternative yahoo messenger for iPhone and Android

I don’t exclude that this app is great renown the coming period, and my yahoo marketing them strongly and will not be surprised, then, if achieved widespread characteristic in the markets of the Arab Gulf, with a turnout increasing in the region on these applications.

You can download the app from Google Play and App Store by the quality of your device that you use, this is of course free, but don’t forget to get support to use it.

Application of the squirrel

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