Download app Hi Chat to collect messages and conversations in one place on Android

The method of collecting conversations in the same place on the mobile

In the shadow we use a lot of apps to chat and talks, free and social media on our phones that are running Android, we’re looking for an easy way to collect all messages and conversations in one place and easier to manage, respond to and process all incoming calls , In this topic of our site How does the technique offer you applying the Hi Chat comes to play this burning desire to have the most users and prevents them from collecting the messages and conversations in one place where it’s a lot of users phones Android, chat apps looking for a way to collect conversations in the same place and manage them faster and easier, especially in light of the use of 8 chat apps, social networking and e-mail on average, according to a study involving a sample of users for Android phones in the United States of America.

This app competes with program paths drupe which we spoke about earlier which cleans the IS other conversations and messages in one place on Android.

What is the application of the Hi Chatto?

تجميع الرسائل و المحادثات في نفس التطبيق
Compilation of the messages and conversations in the same app

Free application development LipsxSyn comes to solving the problem of the multitude of chat apps many of the messages contained therein the difficulty of managing them in the traditional way.

The app works on Android devices 5.0 and newer, while the ads being free and not expect a paid version without ads and offline.

The app has been downloaded half a million times at least from google play alone, while he won the good evaluation of 4.5 out of 5 points.


  • Services that are supported by the application of the Hi Chat to collect messages and conversations in one place on Android

تحميل تطبيق HI Chat
Download app HI Chat

As we pointed out earlier, this app comes to all social media services and chat that you use on your device, and messages and conversations through which it provides users to easily manage them in one place.

Beats this app for competitors in its support for a large range of applications with increased support for more names and leading social network that brings her messages to the main façade to manage them and respond to them, we find Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and Pinterest, VK, Vimeo, and more.

The most prominent of chat services that are supported by also find WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, KakaoTalk, Wechat, Line, Tango, Hangouts, Snapchat, Telegram and the names of many others.

This application supports more than 100 chat apps continues to social applications and email management.

Advantages of the application of the Hi Chat to collect messages and conversations in one place on Android

ادارة الشبكات بدون فتح التطبيق
Network management without opening the app

Enjoy this app design is attractive and easy to use which lets you manage messages and conversations in one place easily.

The app displays the latest alert messages and conversations from chat applications and social networking that you use and you can found and processed

Instead of opening each application chat or email or social networking use on the unit to check the latest messages and updates you’ll find them all in one place it will be the applications that generated the messages.

App different program paths drupe and that is what makes it special and not just a copy of the application, it is possible provided by we find that it tracks the amount of time spent on the various chat services and the issuing of detailed reports on the number of times you open the app the date of the last time I opened the chat app or social networking on your device.

Offers you the application of the Hi Chat those reports to help you figure out the time you spend on the services of chat communication in general.

Hi Chat – Messenger & Social Apps all-in-one also shows you Usage Statistics of your applications main-mast and social media such as Facebook Messenger and Tango and Pinterest, WeChat, Kik, IMO and Xfinity and Telegram and Whatsapp, and much more.

You can open until 500 applications and social media without having to install them on your device with the application and management messages.

Link to download application Hi Chat to collect messages and conversations in one place on Android

The app as mentioned earlier is free and displays ads in want to updates are usually available only for Android devices.

Does not exceed the size of 7 MB only, what makes it from small applications that provide an important service for owners of smart phones.

Download the app


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