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Link download Arabic latest version for questions and answers.

The application of for questions and answers which is from the months of social networking deployed in the last period, such as snapchat snapchat , forthe Find a lot, looking recently for download link ask FM cart 2018 ask download , you can download the program ask FM ask fm link directly on Android and iPhone , program to aske FM that rivals the biggest social networks in terms of number of users , due to his idea as possible about the other , Download last update from the application of the Usk askfm know on this app or website idea and how to know the unknown in Usk FM , and new features added in the latest version of the application of Android and iPhone, things is important, and axiom after download the application aske FM is recording the entry of Alaska and / or registration in Alaska ask fm login to start using the services and features of this program is entertaining and enjoyable that the most important questions Alaska anonymous ask fm questions , ask fm login no longer difficult step only need to insert some data requested by the OF as the application of the password and user name and we’ll talk about the details of the logged in Alaska , go read this topic to learn more about the location of Alaska and the program ask fm , You’ll find the link to download the application aske FM As .fm for Android phones and iPhone .

What is the position of the

Ask fm is a location of the electronic communication, particularly asking questions, they Co-create his own page, and receives it’s questions from the ask FM Askfm, or even Alaska itself, where will be one question every day and can be shared 24 hours to answer it, but the subscriber can search for questions from a special menu to answer them, and when receiving shared questions from the it can know who is questions, or come from an anonymous concealed his name when asking the question. They are often clasped Page common to with pages joint other ( Facebook,twitter,google plus,Tumblr ,Goodreades ) of the book, and often creates celebrity page to answer the questions of their fans, but this site is not just for celebrities, it is available to the public.

And is one of the social networking sites. the most famous of the current situation we find ask FM ASKfm, in recent months strongly between users in the Arab world there is a race among the young to join and open an account on the service and start asking questions and answering them.

If you think he looks like Cora and Yahoo answers then you are mistaken, the app is completely different from this, which is a social networking site allows you to open the door to friends and even strangers asking questions about you in a business you understand. and also your personal sofas in different issues and answers.

Questions do not publish until you answer them and thus consent to their publication, and you can receive questions from friends and people known and also you can open the door to meet the questions of the unknown unknown do not publish their names and know them.

The same thing also for you to you can ask questions to the friends and also the rest of the people on this network and explore new people and also follow them and get them the answers.

As social networks and social networking sites I have a network of aske FM ASKfm app on the gap smartphones and tablets and talking, gentlemen, about the program, aske FM ASKfm for Android phones and iPhone for free.

Used this service more than 150 million users the app has been downloaded about 100 million times at least from Google Play without counting the rest of the downloads from the other stores.

Shopping in Alaska ask fm login

It is with a note of the turnout on the site of aske FM and his experience he found a great location and helpful and time is not wasted in the procedure just chat , it also features it supports Arabic language , and the next two are of the educated, intellectuals and others , this location is restricted in various areas such as education and social life, etc .

Spread on social networking sites across the internet and pledged their differences , and always looking for users the Internet of everything is new and different in this article we present a social networking site but it is already different and is very useful . It is a famous social networking site , and the idea of this site is to answer questions , where the user created the page and send questions for many people so is the answer to these questions , as the user can answer the questions of other users .

It is with a note of the turnout on the site of aske FM and his experience he found a great location and helpful and time is not wasted in the procedure just chat , it also features it supports Arabic language , and the next two are of the educated, intellectuals and others , this location is restricted in various areas such as education and social life, etc .

Action steps account on the website ask FM askfm

– First you must log in on the website through the following link : , or download the program, Usk on your mobile phone you’ll find the link to download the ask app the bottom of this article .

After that change the language to Arabic if you want to. you’ll find the icon at the bottom of the page

– After that you will get the page to Arabic , and we’re in the middle of the page a rectangular box Color Green that says join us , We for it .
– Then the page will fill the data , we write the name , and registration date of birth, password , and e-mail , and greatly disagree the Arabic .

– After the completion of the data entry completely and make sure to enter especially email right say by clicking on the box in green in the bottom of the page it says the word shopping .
– Thus you will have an account on the website , where you will have your page on your name you entered in the previous data and so (…../ .


  • Features of the programme lusk FM ASKfm

تحميل تطبيق اسك fm
Download app ASCO fm

Like any social network other requires aske FM ASKfm to have an account on this network and you can that through the delivery whether directly by filling out the information or click on the Register button account Facebook where is brought to your information or via the Twitter account, this method is faster and easier.

Through the app you can have you friends and add to your list easily, and follow them as you will see in the main post the questions received by said they respond to you.

And you can interact with these questions that come up with their answers through admiration and also share and explore more of it through the access pages of each one of them.

ميزة استكشف في تطبيق askfm
The feature explored in the application of askfm

In addition you will receive questions from others and the app will give you this, and presumably having a good time by answering the questions that you get them.

Entities increase the number of questions you get you can share a link to aske FM ASKfm on your Facebook and twitter open the door for questions in a particular field or all kinds of questions.

The app requires an Internet connection as any other application in order to login and sync bring new questions and contradictions about the negotiation with your questions and publish on your page.

You can ask any person can easily by writing the question and send it to him, it will be published when answered by, as it you’ll find the option to question the identity of the unknown, there are some friends and give this water and therefore any questions you have will be your true identity.

You can follow more than one person to show the questions that they receive and their on the main application the app lets you interact with them, too, and you can ask them questions.

متابعة اسئلة اخرى
Follow-up to other questions

The app is very simple and comes design is very attractive and allows you to control also in the privacy that are important on social networks.

You can white send video and audio files through the application aske FM ASKfm is of content is important on social networks these days.


  • Download the program aske FM ASKfm for Android phones and iPhone for free

تحميل تطبيق احدث اصدار 2018
Download app latest version 2018

The app is available free for all on Google Play Store and you can download it also for iPhone Store app store by clicking here.

Download android

Download the app for iPhone and

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