Donald Trump’s Ministry of Defence to create the Space Power

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President Donald Trump has instructed the defense ministry and the Pentagon the establishment of space power as the previous section of the Armed Forces in a meeting with the National Space Council today, so that the trump plan will support the hegemony of the U.S. in space the United States ahead in the space race, which raises concerns of militarization of space, Trump said: “our destiny is beyond earth not just the issue of national identity but rather a matter of national security”.

Increases Trump that the new plan will ensure to keep America ahead of China and Russia in the race of any new space, so that the United States plans to return to the moon occupying the constellation of Mars, the President said of Donald Trump: “our Air Force and our force satellite separate but equal” and asked the trump of general Joseph dunford Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, the implementation of the task.

The announcement came as a surprise in the third meeting of the National Council of space that has been revived recently after a quarter-century, which included Jim price Jim Bridenstine, Director of the new to American Space Agency NASA Nasa, former astronaut buzz Aldrin, Buzz Aldrin, the second man who walked on the moon, so that the Council was set to unveil the first comprehensive policy to manage the movement of space.

As the President signed the policy to reduce the chaos of space, which set new guidelines for the design of satellites up and running to avoid collisions and the disintegration of the spacecraft, says Bryant owes Brian Weeden, Director of program planning in the foundation Secure World Foundation, a non-governmental organization focused on space policy: “wasn’t the theme of the meeting today going on about this at all, but it was about a policy decision that traffic management within the space”.

This is not considered advertising the first time the President Trump about his hopes in the establishment of space power, as it suggested the idea of creating space power for the first time in March 2018, which is incompatible with the opposition of Secretary of Defense Jim Mathis Jim Mattis to establish a new military force, as argued Matisse in a letter to Armed Services Committee that this will create more overhead and bureaucracy just at a time where we focus on the reduction of public expenditure.

And the air force, and is the smallest branch of the military in the country were added shortly after World War II, largely responsible for the control of the National Security in the space under the umbrella of the leadership of the air space, and the responsibilities of the air force to supervise the operations of launch and control of satellites the DoD, including those involved in early warning, missile, communications and navigation.

In spite of the Declaration, but the President did not talk about the details of the specific functions of these powerful new space, and how it will be funded, according to the expert, Donald Trump can’t solo create a new branch of the Army, where Bryant claims: “in fact, the President can’t do it without Congress, so that Congress should legislation a number of laws to create the space and funding”.

Promised Trump during his remarks that America is always in the first position in the space, and added that this is important financially and militarily and psychologically, where we don’t want to tell us China and Russia and other countries, he insisted: “when it comes to defending America, it is not enough that there be the mere presence of Americans in space, we must have the dominance of the U.S. in space, this is very important”.

Donald Trump’s Ministry of Defense to create space power

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