Dogs is right about prolonging the battery life of the phone

As a user of smart phones and you must receive a set of tips on your phone and especially about the battery. There are them what is right and you must apply it to keep your phone’s battery and some of it is just talk untrue and had no basis in the article today we present to you the 10 myths about card phones don’t replace him of the fact and you don’t have to believe her .

1 . charge the phone to maximum after you buy it

When you purchase for certain for the first time high probability to be owner of the shop did tell you to ship the phone to the maximum before use in order to have the experience of using it better, but this information is wrong, in fact the phone’s battery works best when charged at rates ranging between %40 and %80 and are the same women that are supposed to be in any new phone in the store and that’s why it’s good to use the smartphone directly after pulling it out of the box and in case you found a charging rate of less than %40 understanding of the better to live it to the shop because this shows that the phone already has been used .

2 . do not use the phone while charging

In the majority of times when you use the phone while charging have to come to that person and begins to tell you that this will put the battery of the phone or tells you about the story of a neighbor who blew his phone in his hand by its use during shipping. But we are here to preach you that this was no place of health, even if you use your phone while it is charging, it won’t hurt the battery in any process unless you are here you will notice a lack of simple in terms of shipping speed and just so you know that even if you don’t use it you there are some apps and some tasks will remain running in the background. So in both cases the phone will be in operation and processing .

3 – charger with a different brand

Although when you charge your phone to a charger with a different brand you will notice slower at charging and will take longer than usual but this does not hurt your phone in anything enough that it be original and works fine and this rumor is only a marketing strategy of the company phones to make you buy accessories Their it is only natural to try to get away as much as possible about chargers cheap article is not that there is a problem in the use of the charger is original from a company different .

4 – Fire Phone receive the battery

Of natural that when you leave your phone the for a very long time to die own battery and will not work again and this is applicable on all electronic devices and not only on phones but if you turn off your device from time to time this will not adversely affect the battery, but vice versa can help the machine start to work more effectively than before .

5 . the battery discharge before charging

Are also rumors that as long as we have heard throughout our lives and, in fact, is partially true where it applies to lithium nickel where this type of old batteries if you haven’t explored their full potential will be sought to its full potential and this will lead to weakness in the battery, but this word does not apply to the lithium ion batteries found in smart phones this kind of batteries that can retain capacity without problems, and this in Cairo, you can charge your phone even if it was %70 .

6 – put the battery in the freezer

It is also like the rumor of the former so that it only applies to old batteries and primitive, but with lithium batteries faces will destroy it if they kept it long in the freezer and that’s because they interact significantly with low temperature or directly associated with it, so it’s best to continue to use your phone in the normal way .

7 – the use of task management apps

Google Play and Apple’s App Store is full of this kind of apps that claim to prolong battery life by killing apps in the background or cleaning the RAM and unfortunately there are many who believe this regardless of the fact that smart phones are becoming smarter about managing tasks and don’t need this kind of app should be that even if I kill apps in the background often will be life after it directly .

8 . turn off some services called and GPS and WI-FI

This advice we have heard over and over again, yes we do not deny that disabling these services will save battery life relatively, but yet of such services will not affect the battery as much as you think you are we are talking here of consumption does not exceed 5% of the battery life of the kidneys throughout the day and for your information, the network of Wi-Fi consumes less energy than it needs a smart phone to maintain a cellular data connection .

9 – keep your phone shipping all night.

Maybe this advice would have been better if I made a friend I still have the old phone. As most of the smartphones that were released in the last 5 years smart enough to reduce gradually the amount of power and expelled from the charging when the phone battery, but of course provided that not more than limit the excessive and exaggerated .

10 – leave the charger plugged in

It is enough to remember the number of times and reprimanded the mother for leaving the charger plugged in when it’s finished, it may be your mother right in the 3 cases if the charger sounds suspicious or if you have a little brother in the house or if the house is not equipped with any protection from lightning is not that you don’t have to each time to separate the charger from the lender upon completion of the charging won’t lead to any fire or anything like that

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