Does the manufacture of the iPhone in India to reduce the rates?!

Experience now areas of trade policy between the United States and China overshadow US companies like Apple that you download community iPhone and other products in Chinese factories and then ship it to most countries of the world. Apple now save face by towards India, what does this mean for us?!

هل يؤدي تصنيع الآيفون في الهند إلى تقليل أسعاره؟!

Does the manufacture of the iPhone in India to reduce the rates?!

Is manufacturing phones iPhone inside sources in China for considerations of the cost of manufacturing before you import it to the United States where the biggest market. Skirmishes trade between China and the United States have made recent impose more taxes on products coming China prompting Apple to look for alternative solutions.

One of these solutions is to diversify the industry places the iPhone and not exclusively that sources within China, to India is the new destination for the Apple TV that cooperated with the companies of Western countries and Taiwan’s Foxconn to establish a factory of two new iPhone in India which will be in which they manufacture all the versions of iPhone from iPhone SE and even the iPhone XS Max.

You can lead to reduce the prices of iPhone?

Yes, but that would be in the Indian markets just where will the prices by 40% which is the percentage of taxes imposed by Indian government on the phones iPhone coming from abroad. These taxes will become if the outside accounts with manufacturing the iPhone locally may give a boost to the sales of iPhone in India after the decline severe in China.

I don’t think that such a move might constitute an impact on the prices of phones and the iPhone in the future in the rest of the world, unless the touts Apple TV the same car is different in pricing.

Local prices for the iPhone like in the Arab countries depends on the key factor which is the original price of the device in addition to other factors, additional customs, taxes and the exchange rate of local currency against the dollar as well as the commission agent of the Apple’s temples as they don’t expect the Apple TV in an official capacity in any of the Arab countries other than UAE.

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