Does it hurt to 2019 is the year of the fifth generation 5G phones?

Apply on the 25th of February next, in the Spanish city of Barcelona, the forum Mobile World “MWC”, where he awaits to witness the conference in the current year, the emergence of a group of phones collapsible multiple cameras, but that’s really interesting would be the adoption of most smart devices on the 5G.

The fifth generation with LG and Huawei

No longer the anticipation of the advent of phones supported networks touch fifth generation or الـ5G, such as prediction, where the giant technology industry smartphones LG, Huawei, official, forum, Mobile World will embrace phones rely on the fifth generation of communications.

The company revealed the LG about this news, although it always consists of the declaration of that kind of news early, what it looks like and it is the reason behind not clarify the type of phone that will get those waters, however, adaptation is likely to be Phone LG G8, which is supposed to reveal the South Korean company about it either through the forum, MWC, or through technology conference last.

Also referred Huawei during a conference in Beijing, it will be on the phone supported by the network connection to the fifth generation, during the event MWC, what puzzled a lot about the kind of the phone, which probably will be different from the telephone P30 Pro, unveiled during the same forum associated.

Other phones

At the time, who declared Huawei and LG officially, emerge during the forum, MWC via phones support networks of the fifth generation, likely some that say Samsung similarly during the current year, and without specifying the material, where it is assumed to reveal to the police about the fifth-generation networks air them, via an upgraded version of the Galaxy S10.

The same applies for the major companies, such as the OnePlus up, still the details of these phones in under wraps so far, especially with the rest towards a full month on the launch of the conference, to be held in Barcelona.

In all cases, it seems that 2019 will be the year of fifth generation 5G, foretell the beginning of a new era of internet very fast, to smart phones.

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