Does it help Innovation Challenge initiative “news Google” traditional newspapers to control digital?

هل يساعد تحدي الابتكار ومبادرة "أخبار قوقل" الصحف التقليدية على التحول الرقمي ؟

No doubt that the institutions of traditional publishing and health paper come around the world of the decreasing level in the number of its readers with the transformation of a large proportion of readers, especially young people, entirely to digital media to get news and read the articles. Globally, the alliance of a lot of press institutions, the traditional move to the center of the digital partially or wholly with the aim of returning to profitability again, which is why a lot of companies technical the major to stop to take care of this challenge to promote the new services from their side and make them partners in this challenge.

It was “Apple” another belonging to the knee technology companies that seek to take advantage of the need of institutions traditional press to restore their profitability, market distribution, where the company launched its service newsletter that lets readers subscribe to several newspapers and media through a subscription to the uniform via their electronic devices.

Today, announced Google for a new initiative targeting the Middle East and Africa specifically, targeting the institutions of the traditional publishing facing challenges – such as global peers. Download direct the name of the “Innovation Challenge initiative Google News – Google News Initiative”, offering to invite the institutions of the traditional publishing of different sizes and projects emerging in the field of media and news bodies News in the Middle East and Africa, to present their proposals for projects unique to consider the possibility of funding and support.

Made a Google initiative on the sidelines of a special meeting hosted by the police news publishers in law, offered through its executives from Google of the region and the world the latest features and offerings for publishers and journalists across new models to improve the income of services include Google News, Google Search, YouTube, the Cloud Machine Learning.

And Google through the initiative for project proposals from companies and institutions lead to an increase interaction of readers, whether through the allocation of their experiences, voice clips, etc., in addition to exploring new business models include subscription, and membership programs, loyalty and other.

For his part, said Ludovic bleach, head of innovation at Initiative Google News: “the news publishers in different parts of the world, many questions about the ways to increase the good press in the digital age. With the change of economic models and the emergence of new ways to consume news, Pat innovation is an urgent need in this sector.We’re excited to have talked directly to Google News in the region; and the opportunity in front of all the news organizations and people of different sizes and expertise in the Arab world to bring forth new ideas in the news business regional”.

Will be managed by a specialized committee from the Google assessment of applications the participating enterprises and financing of the selected projects amounts up to 150 thousand USD, and up to 70% of the total project cost. Will be open for submissions in June that more information will be published about the civil foundations and standards and Finance on the website ofGoogle News Initiativeالذي will be updated in the month of May.

Was Google last year had announced its intention of training the 4 thousand journalists in the six countries in the Middle East and North Africa on the foundations of digital press and modern. The question remains whether the institutions of Health traditional in the region will be able to take advantage of those initiatives and other steps to digital transformation to get to the great class of readers which were now prefer the internet over other means of getting news.

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