Do you work for Twitter now? Check the availability of Twitter or to the problem of when

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Upon the occurrence of any significant interruption on the web, the plunge people about it on Twitter, but if you give this site and access to it, you won’t be able to Twitter.

Sometimes, it is not the fault of the American company, maybe the problem of when.

Here’s how to troubleshoot Twitter troubleshooting to see if the problem is related to the site or your internet connection or your computer or your browser or your app or your Twitter account.

  • Check the status of Twitter

Check the status page of Twitter to see if there is something happened with the system of social communication, if you see a message such as “service interruptions” in recent times, it is clear that there is a problem with Twitter itself.

May indicate a message “All System Operational” indicates that your problem lies elsewhere, or that Twitter was not considered a problem.

You can access this page by clicking here.

  • Try to access Twitter in a different way

Typically, up most people to Twitter from the app or from the web browser, if you don’t succeed one way, try another way.

You can access Twitter from your browser: go to on Windows and macOS, you should know that you website in full, on Android devices and iPhone and iPad, likely to be automatically redirected to the issuance of the passport of the site.

Access to the version of the Twitter mobile: if you are still unable to access Twitter, try to open the mobile version of the site on this version also Twitter Lite, because it uses less data and supports access to the site when you have the network connection is slow or intermittent.

Application Twitter official: install and log in to the official app for your device, provides you with site apps for Android and iPhone and iPad and Windows 10.

The app gives you Official access to Twitter without some of the restrictions that sometimes exist in the applications site Third-party.

  • Reboot your device

If you are still unable to access Twitter, you may want to turn off the device then reboot, run a reboot sometimes fixes the problem contact application.

  • Check the filter or the filter

There are several types of tools to prevent access to social networking sites, there are some things that you can search for it.

Try another location on social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram: if you can access most web sites, not social media sites from your browser, you may not be the problem in Twitter, but instead there is a kind of restrictions that prevent access to social media sites.

Settings content blocker: if you use the content blocker in your browser, such as AdBlock Plus or Disconnect or Ghostery, then review and change settings to allow access to Twitter.

Firewall settings and Wi-Fi: may be blocked social media sites by changing the settings of a network device, such as Wi-Fi access point or the firewall.

Log in to the access point to Wi-Fi or router or firewall to review filter settings, containing routers different on different controls, but you should search for options to the filter or parental control settings for your device.

  • Check the internet connection.

Maybe your internet connection is experiencing problems and you can check it by trying to visit another web site such as Facebook or YouTube sites used centers different data.

You can check out the article: proceedings intuitive to solve the problem of interruption of communication Wi-Fi Wi-Fi this solve any problems related to Wi-Fi.

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