Do you use company phones based on Android or is there an alternative?

هل تستمر شركات الهواتف بالاعتماد على آندرويد أم أن هناك بديل؟

هل تستمر شركات الهواتف بالاعتماد على آندرويد أم أن هناك بديل؟

We all know that the smartphone companies well-known away from Apple and Microsoft use the Android operating system by Google, that companies feed mainly on services giant American technology, which has many advantages for sure, but it has some flaws that stop the productivity of other companies.

Companies provide phones such as Samsung, Huawei, Shao, vivo, LG, Sony, and other companies using what is called a ROM of their own operating system Android, which means that companies can get access to the underlying operating system and run it as you want on the phones, where companies often change the user interface and some commands based on the plugins in its phones, such as phones Galaxy with button voice assistant Baker. However, this although it widens the circle of usage to include billions of users to take advantage of the technique, it helps in the survival of the operating system possible used in its development at Google.

Although this unlike the celebration of mass such as with system I or S Apple or Windows Maker Microsoft, but it is indirectly the monopoly of the purchase of Google which although provided a system for everyone, it remains controlled and can use it, which is a problem sometimes in case one of the companies of problems such as ZTE and ban American companies from dealing with it, and the same goes for Huawei, which the US government began to investigate with her on the same issue ZTE.

Alternative Android

In fact, the experience, Huawei was the reason for my writing the article, so that as soon as you start the US government is investigating him, the back of the news talking about the development of the company for their own operating system, which start since 2012, but no assurances of the company, the year in which the US government began to investigate ZTE for violating laws. Any that Huawei was putting into account the exposure to penalties is the other and avoid a fall in case the company has stopped Google to handle.

Despite the fact that Huawei would do a lot to leave Android, but the development of a special system can reduce the size of the loss, especially in the case of the Company continued producing phones nicely as happened with me 20 PI 20-Pro, which can make the user leave your previous operating system in order to enjoy the report and the needs of the Huawei.

It can be said that Huawei wasn’t alone working on the development of the thing itself, even exploited for android on her own, so that Samsung had begun to work on own operating system called tizen the “Tizen” of long years, has started about 3 years ago the launch of phones with the operating system but is limited in countries such as India, where she focused in her system to raise his popularity by launching phones at low prices, then announced the awards to the developers who develop applications for, which demonstrates the company’s desire to abandon Android in one way or another In order to get the most from the possibilities of the solo different from the rest of the companies, like Apple or Microsoft.


The company’s desire to always be independence or individuality in the field, which makes the companies seek to develop systems of their own even if allowed to Google him using Android permanently, so even if she survived Huawei from the US government and its decisions, the desire to develop the same running solo will be out of a desire to reach beyond the level of the competition. We can share great companies use up on a Google in hopes of access for users by operating systems.

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