Do you think Samsung’s design notes in its phones next?!

Site Samsung from the design of the extrusion “notes” known since the moment the first announcement of the Apple phone EVO X which was the real beginning of the spread of shouts extrusion in smartphones, and the Korean company an aggressive stance of this design in the categories of phones different. But are you backing Samsung resorted to notation after all of this?!

Since the day Samsung held its annual conference for developers “SDC2018” which announced the Infinity screen Flex Display with display is clear for its folding , but that wasn’t everything where it declared the Korean company for the three different designs for the new Samsung plans to use in its phones in the future.

These new screens are Infinity-U and Infinity-V and Infinity-O, respectively as show in the picture above, and as can to note download each screen of the three bump “note” a little on the form of war, we find the protrusion in the form of the letter U and the last character of V and third to form a small circle the letter O.

New designs though surely different from the design sheet the usual, but they make the Samsung phones of the future take the title of the sheet.

Also, the design is small and very lite expansion nothing more than a front camera so expect to adopt Samsung’s technology a new sound across the body of the phone she had talked about the leaks earlier!

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