Do you spend Apple TV enough on the creativity and innovation of the future?

One of the important factors for the success of any company and its leadership in the market of smart technology is its ability to innovate and the creativity of new things and that starts through operations research and Development Research and Development conducted by the company and spend huge amounts of money, for Apple TV; ; how that sounds to her?

هل تنفق آبل بشكل كافي على الإبداع و الابتكارات المستقبلية؟هل تنفق آبل بشكل كافي على الإبداع و الابتكارات المستقبلية؟

Do you spend Apple TV enough on the creativity and innovation of the future?

The size of the spending Apple on research and development

According to Tony stone of the foundation of Bernie’s two to research, Apple spent about $ 12.7 million dollars on operations research and development last year, and is more than the total spent Apple in the period between 1998 and 2011, a period that gave us Apple through its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The size of spending on research and development may be considerable and is growing at a pace beyond the growth of revenues of Apple, but for it’s the other way as they are perceived by the analyst since it may not implement the Apple adequacy to the innovations of the future!

Apple spends about 2% of free cash flow on research and development compared to up to 25% of its competitors, and defines free cash flow as the net funds that control the company after the exclusion of basic expenses and interest and taxes, and the percentage of the 2% is so huge relative to the financial capacity of the huge Apple.

As for total revenue, find the Apple TV from a ratio of 5.1% compared to its competitors and that the proportion of their spending 10%, and the analyst need to double Apple to be spent on research and development to match its competitors. In 2017, Apple ranked first among technology companies and the ten most achieve returns within the United States but it came in sixth place in the volume of spending on research and development R&D.

May not be Apple introduced new products with global impact, a strong chain, iPad and iPod touch, but the processes of research and development not only limited to introduce new products but also improving existing products and maintaining its leadership and is successful Apple TV in it already.

Also worth noting that Apple has provided in recent years new products have already like the Apple watch and hear the AirPods and a HomePod, is first manufacturer of watches superior to other companies long established in the industry, and spread from Apple in the coming years to provide us with products similar to the system by the Treaty on augmented reality technology and further its policy of self-leadership as reports suggest.

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