Do you really iPhone offers “nothing” to users?

The article Famous that seeks any love of the Android platform that improves the discussion with the user of the iPhone is that says that Apple is offering you to gear low for a very high price and that the possibilities in their view worth the price of 400-500 dollars Max, not 1000$ like the other leading such as S10+, or Mate 20 Pro or Google Pixel 3XL. Although we made it clear several times that the common Apple requires “mixing the advantages of” not just a device -see our previous article for more – and Apple offer things unique updates which afford privacy and which is not a luxury –this link– but these things don’t convince them and they always want to compare the gear the same with the others. Well! In this article we will put the iOS side to compare the iPhone with the rivals.

هل حقاً الآي فون يقدم "لاشيء" لمستخدميه؟

An important clarification

This article never intended to say that the iPhone is the best in everything. There is no basis for saying “better” and discussed in detail in the previous article –this link-. But we wanted to clarify that per your strengths and weakness. If you are convinced that already this article is not for you. If you see gear iPhone primitive this article was written for you. In will keep iOS and the software aside and talk about the hardware of the iPhone itself, such as processor performance, storage capacity and proposed connections and the money paid.

Hardware primitive! Really!

Explicitly this article is specifically not understood completely what is the landing gear primitive is? For iPhone is the fastest undisputed until now despite the passage of 6 months for its release, not SD855 of his defeat. For example, the site of Geekbench now shows the performance of Apple devices nuclear one

The stronger the Android kernel one

The nuclei of multiple for

Android and the most powerful organs

If you are from my favorite site AnaTuTu this is the rating of the most powerful Android devices

This is the rating of the performance of the most powerful iOS devices it is the strongest?

Or maybe they mean the screen? But the ratings say that the screen is X , then XS are the best screens that I put in all the hardware which was the best X then wrenched the Samsung title, but again returned to Apple with XS and we know you snatched S10 title or not, but even if it happened it will be the iPhone is the second best screen that doesn’t make the screen bad. And by the way, this picture shows the measurement of the intensity of the lighting difference is huge in favor of the iPhone in the customization manual but the auto in a S10 stronger.

The measuring light reflected on the screen once again connects the iPhone to the majority of phones

And of course don’t forget that the iPhone beat everyone in the measure of the rate of trade and the sensitivity of the screen content which is 120Hz while the others provide 60Hz and you can ask any professional games for the difference between the screens and 120Hz screens 60Hz. (Beats phone Razer on Apple in this area to the secretariat any can be considered Apple’s second place).

Or maybe they mean the storage capacity? But this picture to test was conducted PassMark speed storage between Xs Max and S10+ and Mate 20 Pro and see that the iPhone has achieved 110 thousand points, phones, Huawei has achieved 70 thousand points and Samsung 64 a thousand points. The speed of the storage in the iPhone almost double its competitors. Apple put the better and faster the storage units in the world.

And by the way this always happen this old photo to compare between the speed of the storage capacity of NAND flash in the iPhone 6s compared to the S7 and see a huge difference

Even the big difference in the performance of the internet because of a Qualcomm almost faded this image to test the speed of the internet between S10+ with iPhone and Huawei… Miss Samsung $ 4.15 MB are iPhone, 3.96 MB any nuance does not mention

What about the photography? Fear of Bela DXOMark said that the phone S10+ best of iPhone photography, whether rear or front, but the same site also pointed out that the iPhone XS Max got the best rating in several points such as auto focus, sound and other techniques such as Artifacts and best phone offers Exposure in the video as well as the best install Stabilization in the filming of the video in all phones. The difference in shooting video slight between the two, but surpasses the iPhone in some points such as the BitRate which measures the size of the data stored by the filming of the video description of the iPhone more than doubled

Point gear very long, but in most of the Points you’ll find Apple is either the first or the second or at least the best 5 and therefore say that they offer hardware primitive is incredible for someone who knows life.

Cost and maintain

The report issued a few days ago and publish it in the news on the margin and the specialized follow-up, the resale price of both the iPhone X and rival Samsung S9 for almost a year, the report said that the S9 loses its value at the rate of TWICE of the low value of X explained that the S9 when its release was at a price of 720$ but wants to sell it after 9 months it was sold $ 290$ as of bought the iPhone X is priced at 999$ and after 9 months he was selling $ 690$ this means that the Samsung phone has increase of 59.72% of its price while the lost iPhone 30.93% of its price in the same period of time.

In short yes you pay the amount in the iPhone but it keeps you on your money is much better than rivals the pace of the collapse of the price of his half of the others. By the way the report explained that in February last after 1 year and 5 months of detection of the X its price dropped and it became 470$ 1000 original price (equal to 47% of its original price) while the S9, which had not been in and did not stop S10 in the market to decipher its price equal to 40% of its original price. I don’t know how much will be its price after the offer S10 currently.

The bottom line

Again not to say that the iPhone is free of defects, but we published a lengthy essay on intuitive create by Apple –this link– and also not to say that the S10 is weak or Note 9 or Mate 20 or Or or. But we our intention in this article to talk about the gear and that the reason we avoid comparisons that that Apple is targeting the full experience and not suitable for his hardware. In the comments you’ll find from the mentioned disadvantages of the iPhone and can share their opinion but no need to say that telephone equipment primitive.

Do you see that the hardware of the iPhone is primitive compared to rivals? And what do you think about the extent of his province on its value compared to the other phones on? Share your opinion in the comments.


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