Do you own the Samsung Galaxy phones ability to resist water?

Realize most of us tend phones the Samsung Galaxy newer, the ability to water resistance, however that resistance up to certain grades not only vary from one type to another, what pushes us to clarify things right now, so as not to spoil you the phone at the moment.

Resistance is not a full waterproof and dust resistant

Have phone Galaxy S10 from Samsung, the assessment of IP68, in respect of the account and the ability of the phone to resist water and dust, which is a very good rating, but it does not mean protect your phone from water, final or certain, because it requires access to the phone on the ratings to top-up لـIP69, a degree not reached by any phone on the market.

Demonstrates technical experts to evaluate IP68, who got phone Galaxy S10, like all phones Samsung modern even your S7, do you mean the capacity of those smart phones to withstand water to a depth of no more than 1.5 meters, for a period of time not to exceed 30 minutes, which reveals the seriousness of know the Samsung Galaxy, to the depths of water for long periods, may explain the phone without a doubt, no matter how newly.

Also, please be aware that the standards of the sensitivity of the phone against water and dust, are consistent only with the natural conditions, which means that the ability of the phone to withstand water to a depth of 1.5 meters and less than half an hour, apply to the natural water and salt, or blended oils or other liquids, and with the situation in mind also that any simple break the phone might be easier to enter the water and thus ruin it.

Without a guarantee

At the time of supporting Samsung devices the latest the advantage of resistance to water and dust, we find that the phones that preceded the issuance of telephone S7, i.e., all of the above March of 2016, I don’t enjoy that feature of the foundation, so it is madness to be exposed to water under any circumstances.

Worth mentioning, that in case one of the Samsung phones modern the same development, due to the passage of water inside, does not mean the ability of the owner of the phone for a refund or repaired free of charge, in spite of his resistance to the supposed rule, as confirmed by Business Insider, so it is recommended in the end not to the ability of your phone to water resistance, so as not to receive from you a day irreversible.

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