Do you need the iPhone to the smart pen like the Galaxy Note’s?

Pencil Apple Pencil is one of the best accessories currently available, but it only works on the iPad Pro and iPad 2018 and does not work with any of the phones iPhone, does the time came to work pencil Apple TV with phones iPhone expected this year in the same way that we see in the series of Samsung Galaxy Note since 2011?

هل يحتاج الآيفون إلى قلم ذكي مثل جالكسي نوت؟

Do you need the iPhone to the smart pen like the Galaxy Note’s?

A new report from the site of TrendForce that Apple intend to make phones the iPhone that will screen OLED compatible with the registry Apple Pencil for writing and drawing devices such as the iPad, and if your health news is that the iPhone 9 plus and iPhone X Plus the next is will have to check.

There is a real problem in that although that news may be grater for a lot of users, namely, that the pencil Apple Pencil – sized kind of like a normal pen. This seems ideal when it comes to your iPad, and the iPhone will carry the pen with him especially difficult to separate pen from the phone. Like the S Pen in the series Galaxy Note is built into the phone and place an ad which is the choice of the level of material in front of the Apple TV in the coming period.

Another problem the user may encounter and is related to the cost, and the user wishing to use a pen to buy it separately and it is may cost him an extra$ 150. other than the price of the original iPhone.

The S Pen of the most important advantages in the series of Samsung Galaxy Note, It’s pen is very advanced technically and it works in high efficiency and compatibility of the perfect with the phone, and we can’t forget also the recent improvements introduced by Samsung on the pen in the phone Galaxy Note 9 now supports Bluetooth for the phone remote selfie or control your music player, etc.

In your opinion, do you need the iPhone to the smart pen like the Galaxy Note’s?

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