Do you know the accounts of Apple to breach?!

Misfortunes come not single, it seems that this month is the worst for Apple, yesterday, we spotted with you reports on the crisis of the company with the sale of phones iPhone new and declining earnings expectations and reduced the company’s shares down $ 200 per share, today reveals Apple about a serious problem in phones Evo affected user accounts.

It was the beginning of the site MacRumors terms of monitoring the participation of the owners of devices iPhone my iPod and even Apple TV are reporting about disabled accounts the apple of their unprovoked!

Then the news began to spread fast has increased communications and confirmations users on this issue, said the website MacRumors reports that users are informed that they could no longer use their devices for “security reasons”, and did not work. any attempt to reclaim the account even when you use two-factor authentication.

From its part I thought Apple officially this problem, the team said Apple support to guide users to the page of the support forums in which the company tell users about how to restore the access when the lock ID of the Apple and adjusted.

Oddly enough, that despite this wave of closures, the system status page, Apple did not indicate any problems with the Apple ID during the emergence of the problem, even after admitting it didn’t mention the company the reason behind this crisis.

Is this an error in the iOS software or user accounts suffered a breach?

It is understandable yet, share with us what you think in the comments and tell us if you come across this problem.

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