Do you intend to Samsung complete to compete with the iPhone trailer is?

Last Thursday, Samsung unveiled the latest and most powerful organs of a Note 9. As usual I watched the conference noted from the beginning that Samsung has become the focus on the use of terminology suggests that her phone has become the strongest, but when you enter in the details surprise that Samsung is planning to rival the iPhone in statements only. It even looks like they gave up on competition from Android phones, and other.

هل تنوي سامسونج الاكتفاء بمنافسة الآي فون دعائياً؟6 months ago Samsung has launched her phone S9 -see our our article– and we have published an analysis indicating that even though he’s the strongest Android phone at this time but didn’t actually can rival the iPhone -see our article-. As usual we were attacked, a spa students of the lovers of Samsung and we are not content and inventory for the Apple… then the days passed and proved what we have mentioned where the failure of S9 to wear only in the areas of iPhone and even in the homes of the S8 or S7 or S5 even in sales. In return for our own arrival of the apple tree $ –this link– we talked about the details of the numbers and how it does not rival mention of an iPhone in sales. Guess what, Samsung has decided to offer after 6 months?

Samsung by phone by S9+ and change his name and his B Note 9. Go to GSMArena and compare both phones you will see that it no appreciable difference. Of course there are various details such as the presence of pen developer and provide copies of the exceptional capacity of 512 GB and 8 GB RAM but the rest of the details copied in a way that makes me think long about what may be Samsung has done in the last 6 months. Saw a picture of part of the city noted that that appears in pale it is refined.

Note that all of the above I am comparing between the Samsung S9+ and also the Samsung Note 9. We fight between Samsung and Samsung. So what happens when comparing with others?

Speed: the failure of the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in achieving high performance. Here we are not talking about high performance compared to the iPhone, this council resolved, but even compared to Android. Despite Samsung’s use the same processor its competitors but failed to manage well the result obtained the result of 8876 point only while a phone like the oneplus 6 got 9088 point

Camera: Camera Note 9 is a copy of the camera S9+ this camera according to DXOMark won 99 points, while the HTC phone U12+ like I got on 103 points. Samsung made it clear that the camera did not happen does not change the technology but the support of artificial intelligence which is the characteristic of improving the images according to their content. But not to mention Samsung to classify the device’s camera their new this perhaps suggests that it won’t make a difference impressive (unless Samsung want to we be surprised when they are released). Not to say definitively that the camera Note 9 is not good but is better than camera X, but not logical to unlock Samsung phone with a camera less than rivals from HTC and Huawei after the release of their phones actually in the market but Huawei a hint for coming Mate 20. And, of course, mention that there are iPhone come after a month and 99% will be its camera win the Samsung that will not respond market after 6 months with the S10. Does that make sense? Alice was supposed to increase the interval in preparation for the teachers?

Graphics: of course the Samsung as we know on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 but curiously, Samsung has reiterated several times that her phone, the most advanced said a leading Korean company we use the Director of the company Epic to tell you strongly Samsung phone. There came a shock which is understandable of Samsung to do. Game fortnite games extremely famous and are found everywhere except Android (present in the iOS since months) visa Samsung for this company like it highlight a weakness in Android which delayed their support of the company; you didn’t find the Samsung a better way than outweighed the benefits of its iOS and iPhone. Health came in an interview head of the Epic itself where the praise of the Samsung that the best gaming experience can be obtained in the phone “android” is from Samsung. Do you know what this means? Ostensibly praised in the power of the Samsung, but the actual allocation of performance as the best in the Android phone and not the phone in general means the explicit recognition that the performance of the games in the iPhone the best.

Shipping Old: the same what we have mentioned in our article about the S9 Samsung still have panic battery and increase its size because they fear that the development of charging technology. Samsung insist on using QC 2.0 at the time of its competitors who use Qualcomm moved to QC 4.0 or at least a QC 2.0. Does it make sense that the phone which will be sold until mid-2019 new shipment of the 2015’s?

A note on the conference

In the conferences of the Apple there is a conflict between the Apple and the public where the writing and presentation of the conference in a way that encourages the audience to clap and manage this cleanly.. But in the Conference of the Samsung I felt something strange where I found the officer knows about the advantage and then holds a public inquiry. I thought I made a mistake, even climbed the “ING sue me” he is the head of the sector of artificial intelligence in the Samsung was explicitly stop talking at a point and says to the audience “give it up” and occasionally slapping himself to kill him. I watched the conference focused on recall. If you like the “Show” done by Apple and the made way, not to say the audience applauded for us.

I watched the conference

The summary and the final word

Samsung made a great phone; but that you have a fierce rival of Huawei those and then decide to make another version of the phone since you have 6 months in the markets and weak sales of its structure, a step is not understood. The idea at this point called the Apple away or even think about it; do you intend to just be the point you miss is “do I have your 512’s? Do you have cards? Screen you bump it? Our phone includes a pen,” are these things enough to buy my note was 9? You will be competing in the area of support only and not the ground?

What do you think about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 out? Do you expect to be able to rival the iPhone killer phones Android top the other?


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